The Ultima Salon2—Revel's New Flagship

Revel main man Kevin Voecks demmed the new four-way Ultima Salon2, previewed yesterday by Wes Phillips, for the Stereophile scribes. It was worth the wait. With all-Mark Levinson electronics, the dem program ranged over many music types, culminating in Little Feat’s “Long Distance Love,” whose awesomely deep low frequencies didn’t faze the speaker’s triple 8” titanium-cone woofers with their edge-wound rubbon voice-coils. Price will be $22k/pair, with availability in early spring ’07.

"Yup, that's a beryllium-dome tweeter," he points out, "with the dome geometry optimized to work with the waveguide to give optimum dispersion."

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As somebody who's worked in hi-fi retail for a long time I'm already convinced nobody makes better speakers than Revel... if these are a big improvement on what's gone before, well I want a pair!Under represented here in the UK which is a real shame; they make B&Ws sound like the over - hyped fluff that they are.

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