Revel Sneak Preview

Stereophile is scheduled for an exclusive one-on-one demo tomorrow with the new Revel loudspeakers, but we couldn't resist tantalizing you with a glimpse of the $22,000/pair Ultima 2 flagship, the Salon2.

A four-way floorstander, with three 8" woofers,a 6.5" mid-woofer, a 4" midrange, and a 1" tweeter. Connections are hidden behind a smoked access panel in the rear. Bandwidth is given as 24Hz–45kHz.

Tune in tomorrow.

carlos gallardo's picture

What a beautty!!!I'll be around waitting for the review.

GuyF's picture

Dang, and my new Studios aren`t fully run in yet! Ah, progress is a fickle mistress (sob, sniff).

Kevin Lomax's picture

And now try to produce them for $9,999.99 instead of 22k... This is an insane price!

Glasgow Bill's picture

As somebody who's worked in hi-fi retail for a long time I'm already convinced nobody makes better speakers than Revel... if these are a big improvement on what's gone before, well I want a pair! Under represented here in the UK which is a real shame; they make B&Ws sound like the over - hyped fluff that they are.

Johannes Horn's picture

What a surprise! They strikingly resemble Sonus Faber-speakers (at least to judge from the picture), and that's very nice (though I somewhat liked the bold looks of Series 1, too)... And they have finally discovered Beryllium...?- Well, I long, long," long to audition them as soon as possible...! Revel: the ""world's finest loudspeakers""? So be it...!-