Two Lipinskis—Full Surround Music

As they had done at CES, Andrew Lipinski (right) and Lukas Lipinski set up a full surround system using their L-707 two-way monitors that had so impressed Larry Greenhill when he reviewed them for Stereophile last December.

I have long been a fan of Andrew's recordings, and was privileged to be able to hear an extract of the massively scored Penderecki Credo in surround from SACD, which Andrew recorded at the composer's 70th birthday celebratory concert. Kal Rubinson enthuses over both sound and performance of this SACD in his November "Music in the Round" column.

New at CEDIA from Lipinksi was a neat amplifier module that fits into the speaker's stand. This uses a choke-smoothed linear power supply with a switching output stage to deliver a lot of power in a small package.

Kate Balthazar's picture

Lukas is hot!Additionally, I have the 505's in my apartment in NYC and they continually fascinate my aural palate. I am playing Led Zeppelin at the moment, and the other day U2, Joshua Tree, brought tears to my eyes!In life, there are few things we truly need, and a good stereo system is one of them! Thanks to Lipinski, now we get to work on world peace...

Richard's picture

I keep hearing about this company's great sounding SACDs. Unfortunately they aren't available yet. At least they do not sell the CDs on the Lipinskisound website. (Nor do they bother to answer customer emails either).