JBL at the Summit

On ground level in the Design Interaction room, a pair of JBL DD-66000 Everest loudspeakers ($60,000/pair) were especially imposing in the bass department. Driven by the Mark Levinson No.326 preamp ($10,000), Levinson No.512 SACD player ($15,000), a discontinued Levinson No.433 ($11,000) on the bass, a Pass Labs XVR01 for the crossover, and a Pass Labs XA30.5 30Wpc class-A amplifier on the horns, all connected by MIT cabling, the system had great authority. The presentation had the characteristically dark Levinson sound, with some curious extra bass resonance on the voice of mezzo Lorraine Hunt Lieberson. Branford Marsalis's music, on the other hand, sounded just fabulous.

"We're trying to figure out what to do with the room," Design Interaction's Deniz Daldal told me. "The speakers need to be farther out, but then there's not room to dem our second system." All this served as a reminder that a show report can be no more than a modest indicator of how good equipment can sound when optimally set up.

More on the second system when it's fired up and running.

Rick's picture

This was our favorite room . Before we listened here we (my wife and I) agreed we enjoyed the conspiracy's the best. After a good long listen my wife remarked that the Everest were her new favorites.When I pointed out the price differential her response was "I'd save up" Im gonna keep her!

thomas's picture

I had mixed feelings for this room , some recording sounded pretty good and dynamic but others sound very harsh and dry. They are great speakers but in my opinion there are alot better speakers for the same cash or a little more.

John West's picture

JBL DD66000 Everest is an extremely impressive speaker. It is (in my opinion) far better than competitors like Burmester's B100 and Avantgarde Acoustic's Trio