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JBL and Revel

There is an ongoing debate between JBL horn lovers and Revel affectonate supporters. Though, JBL Everest DD66000 does not sound like a horn speaker. While Revel introduced Ultima2, the upgrade to its highly praised Ultima series.

Has anyone A-B'ed JBL Everest DD66000 and Revel Ultima2? It would be a great comment to hear!!!

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Re: JBL and Revel

I too have been listening to some of the new speakers in an attempt, at the end of my days, to assembly a 'fine' sounding system. Luckily, maybe, the system will be in a large room, 15 x 42 x 8.5 feet. The neighbors claim not to hear anything. Blessed am I. But the setups in most of the places I have listened, so far, leave much to be desired. I have tried to listen for what the reviewers have commented on but have failed to hear what they heard.

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