Genesis: A Good Place to Start

Gary Leonard Koh's Genesis 7.1 loudspeaker ($7999/pair) has never sounded as good, clear, and invitingly transparent as it does right now in Marc Silver's Soundscape Audio & Video Room (Santa Rosa, CA). I was mesmerized by an LP of Les Brown and His Band of Renown, and again in love with the FIM/Puget Sound Studios remastering of Oscar Peterson's We Get Requests.

Part of the reason was the cabling: a full complement of Nordost Valhalla cabling, augmented by the Thor power distribution system and two extra special Nordost Odin power cables. Other contributors were Parasound's Halo JC-1 monoblock amplifiers ($9000/pair), Halo JC-2 preamp ($4000), JC-3 prototype phono preamp (projected retail $2000), and D-200 universal player ($1500 when last available). For vinyl, let's not forget the ClearAudio Champion with a Grado Blue cartridge and something else in Marc's hard-to-decipher scrawl ($2820 total). Genesis balanced interconnects and speaker cables were also in the mix, as was an unheard until recalibrated pair of Velodyne DD-12 subs ($2500 each). Oh, and don't forget the Analog Export Ultimate Record Cleaning Solution ($2495).

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A correction. The Parasound Halo JC 3 phono stage is projected to retail for $2000, not $4000.

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More corrections. The JC 1 monoblock amplifiers are $9000/pair, and the JC 2 preamplifier is $4000. The D-200 disc player has been discontinued.I am a Parasound dealer.

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Hi Brian,Thanks for the fixes. I regret that all prices were written in my notebook by the dealer, who had prepared neither a list of components nor price sheet before the show. You can draw your own conclusions...jason

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I've corrected the prices, Brian. Thanks.

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Analog Export Ultimate Record Cleaning Solution ($2495).Is this price correct? Any link to more info on the web?

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AS much as I would love to sell the record cleaning solution for $2495 each... I would not have to sell many to retire. Jason missed the decimal point.It's $24.95 retail and I am offering it on line for $19.95 at our website.

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