Fritz Heiler of southern California has been building custom loudspeaker systems for 37 years. Called into action at CAS 2010 were his Carbon 7s ($1750/pair shipped, or $1650/pair for show attendees who acted in time). Equipped with ScanSpeak drivers, these babies have a frequency response of 39Hz–20kHz, ±3dB, and a sensitivity of 88dB. Their special crossover is free of caps and resistors, having only one small inductor on the mid/bass driver.

In a system whose associated components include vintage Krell and Luxman gear, the speakers did a fine job of conveying air and pace. Given that the only room treatment in this bass-mangling small room consisted of towels on the sidewall mirrors, it's no wonder that the sound was boomy on bottom. If the show returns to the Hilton next year, I expect exhibitors will bring a fortune of room treatment.

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"Their special crossover is free of caps and resistors, having only one small inductor on the mid/bass driver."Better ask JA about that...

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It's more likely an inductor in parallel with the tweeter, I would have thought.

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I've just asked John (Fritz) Heller to comment and clarify.

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I'm using series crossovers in most of my designs now. I prefer to use paper based & poly cone mid/bass drivers with simple first order slopes. The mid/bass drivers that I choose have real smooth roll offs and do not have the large peaks & dips that most metal or hard coned drivers have which require many crossover parts to control & eliminate. My Carbon 7 model series crossovers do not have any capacitors or resistors in line with the tweeter circuit & John, you are correct, there's an inductor in parallel with the tweeter.BTW- This first CA Audio show was absolutely fantastic! My room was pretty well packed most of the time. I have a blast doing these shows & would like to thank everyone who came into my room to check out my loudspeakers. I would also like to thank Constantine & Sue for putting this together. I'm looking forward to doing many more here.