ASC Tube Traps

Acoustic Science Corp's Chris Klein had his work cut out for him. His Tube Traps were in eight rooms at the show.

"We were slated to be in three rooms, but I knew people would encounter serious bass problems," he explained. "So I brought a whole truckload of products down from Eugene, Oregon, and I could have brought a second truck and dispensed all those products as well."

The main problems Chris encountered were bass loading in the smaller rooms and flutter echo in the larger ones. Most rooms, he explained, needed six to eight Tube Traps, many placed right alongside the loudspeakers, to control the problem. The problem was so severe in the Electrocompaniet room, for example, that Chris "stole" two of the 10 traps initially destined for Bob Kehn's Magico/King Audio/VAC/Aesthetix room. Especially popular were his new Smart Traps and the original Tube Traps, which run between $389 and $468 each.

"Everybody wants to use Tube Traps at shows, but they're just as needed at home," Chris noted. "Every room has bass problems, and you cannot alter the laws of physics."