Acapella and more from Loggie Audio & Aaudio Imports

Given how impressed John Atkinson and I were by the combination of Acapella High Violoncello II speakers ($80,000/pair) and Einstein electronics demmed at Axpona 2010 and CES last January, I was eagerly anticipating another opportunity to enjoy these imposing babies. The opportunity came in the room co-sponsored by Loggie Audio of Redwood City and Aaudio Imports. (They were the same samples that until recently had resided in JA's listening room for his review in the forthcoming September issue.)

Here, the sound was different. Instead of Einstein and friends in the Venetian, associated components in the Emeryville Hilton included the Bergmann Sindre Airbearing turntable and tonearm (21,000); Ypsilon CDT0100 CD transport/player ($26,000), DAC-100 valve DAC ($29,000), VPS-100 valve phono stage ($26,000), kMC-16 step up transformer ($2800), PST-100 Mk.II preamp ($37,000), and Aelius monoblocks ($34,000, but unspecified if each or for the pair); Stage III cabling, ranging from the 1m Gryphon interconnects ($5800 for 1m RCA, $6300 for 1m XLR) to the Zyklop power cable ($6000 1.5m); Acapella Reference La Musika Speaker cables ($21,000 for 2.5m); and the Weizhi PRS-6 pure power distributor ($3200) equipped and Gold Glory copper/graphite isolation feet ($1295). I'm also certain that CDs were treated with the excellent Audiotop spray.

The first thing I discovered is how different the tweeter of the Acapellas sounds standing and sitting. You definitely want your ears optimally positioned to get the best from these babies. Although focusing on the music was a challenge due to lots of talking at the side of the large room, I missed the lowest notes of cellos and double basses on the opening of Mahler's Symphony No.2, as well as the sparkle and depth heard at the Venetian. Then again, sparkle was missing in so many rooms that I begin to wonder if the voltage in the Hilton was not extremely low. Nonetheless, the sound was quite good, especially higher in the range. I look forward to auditioning some of these components at our BAAS demo next weekend.

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For me, the Loggie demo was the only room playing real "music". All others were too interested in demoing whiz bang demonstration discs . Thanks go to Robin for his hospitality. I could have stayed in your room all day getting lost in the music.