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Jason already blogged about the sound from the big rig in the Cary Audio room, which was being run by Florida retailer Let There Be Sound. I had enjoyed the sound of Ry Cooder's classic Jazz from LP in that room Saturday night after the Show closed, as well as a CD-R of songs from the Who's Tommy, burned from an acetate of the master by Mikey Fremer using his awesome Continuum record player. But Sunday morning, LTBS's Oswaldo Martinez was playing Rebecca Pidgeon's classic "Spanish Harlem" from CD on a system featuring the 5Wpc Cary Exciter integrated amplifier driving these beautifully finished single-driver bookshelf speakers, the Sur. Pidgeon's voice sounded smooth and natural, the double-bass accompaniment evenly balanced and more extended in the lows than I was anticipating, though when a Showgoer asked for The Doors' "Waiting for the Sun" to be played, the electric guitar sounded a little peaky in the mid-treble. To be priced at $2000/pair, the Sur features a port-loaded, full-range Fostex drive-unit and will only be available from LTBS.

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These single-Fostex-driver speakers were a surprise. One of those experiences where you need to walk over looking for a subwoofer because your brain says there's no way that bass is coming form those babies...Very interesting stuff.

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I would like to personally thank Mr. Atkinson for first noting, and subsequently taking the time to report on our SUR loudspeakers. We're truly humbled.Axpona 2010 was the official launch of this exceptional new product, which as previously mentioned, is exclusive to our firm Let There Be Sound. Needless to say, this project is truly a labor of love for us and we are particularly enthralled with the overwhelming positive response at the show from attendees and industry insiders alike. I was grinning from ear to ear like a proud new papa! ; )Our driving design goals for the SUR loudspeaker were very simple: 1. The product needed to offer a very high level of musicality to low cost ratio. 2. It needed to do so in a fairly compact and aesthetically pleasing package. And to this end we humbly submit we have accomplished our goal.For orders and/or further info please visit our website: where you will find our contact info.Best,Oswaldo MartinezLTBS

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I meant to say that I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Atkinson's assessment of the mid-treble issue on the showgoer's "Waiting for The Sun" track. Thankfully, that instance was one of only a few occasions when the SUR sounded a bit rough in a particular area (I readily admit having pushed the Cary Xciter's 5 watts to the brink at times plus I really think this is a recording-specific issue). But rest assured, since I am in a unique position of having put the SUR through its paces with all types of music (and I mean all, from metal, to classical, to reggae), at various SPLs, and with many types of amplification (from 5 watt tube to 250 watt solid state) I am quite confident in their ability to deliver eminently musical performances time and time again. Best, Oswaldo Matinez LTBS