Lights. Vinyl. Action. Soundsmith.

You can always count on several things from Soundsmith: rich, luscious, extremely seductive sound (especially from the moderately romantic Strain Gauge cartridge/phono preamp), and a flashing light show from multiple components that is curiously at odds with the refinement of most of the vinyl Peter Ledermann plays.

Soundsmith's Axpona exhibit was no exception. Heard were the warm and somewhat romantic Strain Gauge cartridge (pictured) with SG 610 preamp (approx. $12,000, and sold as a system), VPI HRX TNT turntable (approx. $12,000), Frank Schröder Reference SQ tonearm (approx. $7000), Soundsmith HE 2006 amp ($42,500), and Monarch stand-mounted speakers ($2000/pair). Someday I'd love to hear these components with speakers other than Peter's little babies. I think I missed the one time he used other speakers, probably because the room was too full of eager listeners to attempt an entrance.