Kubotek—Little is the New Big

I heard enough "60 is the new 50" at the show to make me wonder if overweight is the new slim. But some things were clear. Small speakers are capable of throwing an astoundingly large soundstage.

Such was the case with the digitally corrected Haniwa HSP1C07 7" coaxial loudspeaker ($12,000 together with the requisite HAPC01 Active Phase Controller DSP unit). Designed by Dr. Kubo of Japan, this little orb claims 92dB sensitivity, and reportedly extends up from 30kHz. It certainly lacked not for brightness on top. Playing LPs via an old NAD integrated amp, Well Tempered Turntable, Haniwa HEQA01 phono equalizer amplifier ($5000), and Haniwa HCTR01 phono cartridge ($5000) whose VTA, I was later told, was not set properly, the system delivered decisively incisive sound.