Getting Ready

Axpona's marketing director Steve Davis is also a singer and guitarist who performs locally in The Difference/Mumbleypeg, a North Florida-based rock band. Aware of the importance of the live reference, Davis arranged several live "reference" performances throughout the show. As well as The Difference/Mumbleypeg, Axpona showcased the talents of pianist John Yurick, veteran bass guitarist John Atkinson, and Mikhail Levitsky's Levitsky Violin Orchestra. Here's a photo of Davis rehearsing with his band for a performance that was recorded by Mark Waldrep of AIX Records.

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Two threads removed so far. Yup, it's a duck and "it" walks.

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Why are all of the posts being deleted? Money talks and the truth walks.

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This Show report is not the place for people hiding under an umbrella of anonymity to post defamatory flames. We will delete such comments. If you do have a problem with Stereophile or its partners, then please write me privately at .

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What's interesting is the posting censors even pulled down an earlier posting from Mr. Atkinson. Who at Stereophile is authorized to pull down postings that from a senior staffer?

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I'm not sure what this is all about but it sounds like a cover-up. And according to JA's post about deleting anonymous comments, the post by Educated for Free should be removed, not because it is defamatory but because he sounds like a shill or may be Davis himself posting anonymously.

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The posting that was removed mentioned that they were familiar the situation but that show was promoted by the individual's company.That's fine. It is just odd that the posting was made and then revoked.

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That being said, I think he was there as a member of The Difference/Mumbleypeg. As you know, those guys rock out.

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Madoff is a big Mumbleypeg fan.

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Didn't he used to perform at Enron retreats?