Cardas to the Rescue

Just two months ago at CES, I enthused over the potential excellence of King Sound's China-made Kingsound The King full-range electrostatic loudspeaker ($8500/pair). But as much as VAC's Royal power supplies ($1300/pair), Phi 200 monoblocks ($9900/each), and Signature Mk IIa preamplifier with phono stage and external power supply ($18,000); Accuphase's DP-85 SACD player' and the VPI's Classic turntable equipped with Michael Fremer's fave Ortofon MC-90A cartridge were supplying superior sound, the system planned for Axpona was originally held back by junky interconnects and speaker cables. Cardas to the rescue. Thanks to Cardas Clear speaker cables ($3726/2m pair), Clear Beyond speaker cables ($7452/2m pair), and Clear interconnects ($1840/m for single-ended, $2140 for balanced), the system sounded simply wonderful. I was equally impressed with the sound of my SACD of Mahler Symphony No.2 and an LP of Lyle Lovett and His Large Band. Quad lovers owe these babies a listen, adds John Atkinson, who was equally taken by the sound of this system.

Shown in the photo are Kingsound's Roger DuNaier (left) and VAC's Kevin Hayes (right).

Rick M's picture

The room sounded great! There is nothing like the sound of tubes, and the VAC gear is sounded excellent.

Paul's picture

This room sounded fabulous with VAC electronics driving the King speaker. It was a great pleasure speaking with the most pleasant Kevin Hayes. All my questions were answered with such authority I think he is a walking computer in disguise. GREAT ROOM.