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Stephen Mejias Posted: Apr 25, 2006 2 comments
It's hard for me to believe that all of today's sunshine will soon be replaced by clouds and rain. Then again, there's no reason to trust in whimsical April. The forecast calls for the sky to fall at about 6pm EST. Right now, at 4:55pm EST, the tall, brick buildings outside my window are blanketed in golden warmth. I'm usually not so in touch with the weather's hourly report, but there's a special circumstance keeping me curious.
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Stephen Mejias Posted: Apr 24, 2006 1 comments
There's a knock-knock at my door.
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Stephen Mejias Posted: Apr 21, 2006 2 comments
Medeski Martin & Wood @ HE2005.
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Stephen Mejias Posted: Apr 20, 2006 0 comments
On the corner of Monmouth and Third, in the parking lot of the Genesis Educational Center, where the blood lines erase the color lines, a drummer needs practice. I wasn't expecting this. It might interfere with our listening session. The bad beats are hopping into my third floor window and making themselves comfortable, crowding the sweet spot. The singer, it seems, needs practice, too. And is that a preacher hollering the gospel, or a drunk abusing his wife? Around here, one can never be certain. Perhaps it's both...
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Stephen Mejias Posted: Apr 19, 2006 4 comments
Swinging jazz dances from Abbey's Pub and floats up into Jersey City's cobalt blue sky. Two men stand near a white rental van.
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Stephen Mejias Posted: Apr 18, 2006 2 comments
The pairing has been likened to Mary Poppins and Satan. That's the easy and obvious way out, and it's a load of crap. It's much more difficult than that. They're much more similar than they are different, coming together to tell one story and filling in each other's blanks only when the reverb gets too thick. But I don't want to say any more about it. I'll now speak only of the differences I heard between listening in the office — through my computer's Dell speakers — and listening at home — with the Musical Fidelity A3.5 system and Totem Arro speakers.
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Stephen Mejias Posted: Apr 17, 2006 5 comments
He was looking at me. I acknowledged, nodded politely, turned away.
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Stephen Mejias Posted: Apr 14, 2006 0 comments
Okay. We just squeezed a full day's work into four tight and furious hours. The company granted us a half-day, so that we could all get a head-start on the holiday weekend. This, of course, is very nice. However, we started shipping the wonderful June issue just yesterday and had much work to accomplish this morning. In addition, for various reasons, we've had to accomplish that work without the help of an ad coordinator or production manager, and all while employing an entirely new pre-press system. Shipping days, as a rule, are intense. These have gone beyond intense.
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Stephen Mejias Posted: Apr 13, 2006 0 comments
We're so excited about the new Photo Gallery, and so happy with the steam it's building, we've come up with another section to the album: The History of Stereophile.
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Stephen Mejias Posted: Apr 13, 2006 1 comments
"Do you miss me yet?" she asks again.


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