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CES 2009
Jon Iverson Jan 13, 2009 2 comments
We all have different digital needs, and companies like Bel Canto are trying different combinations of features to find customers.
CES 2009
Jon Iverson Jan 13, 2009 0 comments
Robert Baird got the scoop on this one in the February issue of Stereophile. Check his Aural Robert column for details about the Sonic Focus technology included in this iPod dock and its surprising heritage.
CES 2009
Jon Iverson Jan 10, 2009 7 comments
As more audiophiles start to view their computer systems as another audio source component, finding good sounding ways to bridge from the computer to the preamp becomes paramount.
Jon Iverson Feb 09, 2006 0 comments
The first thing you notice is the rather large black foam rubber foot sitting (standing?) in the room. And then the swanky furniture and trendy layout.
CES 2010
Jon Iverson Jan 13, 2010 1 comments
For those of you who lust after a Benchmark DAC but wish it had remote control, rejoice. And in typical pro-audio fashion, they didn't add just any remote, but a motorized Alps pot that turns the front panel knob. The company claims that digital volume controls can reduce dynamic range and analog IC type controls add distortion and noise, hence their custom motorized design.
Jon Iverson Feb 16, 2013 683 comments
Register to win an Benchmark DAC2 HGC Digital-to-Analog Converter (MSRP $1995) we are giving away.

"Benchmark has just raised the bar with the new DAC2 HGC, defining a new reference. With over 15 new features, the DAC2 HGC packs more processing power in the same DAC1 series form factor."

[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

Jon Iverson Mar 08, 2004 0 comments
Four short years ago, rock band Metallica angered part of its fan base by going after downloaders who used the online file-trading service Napster. At that time, the band provided Napster with the screen names of 335,000 users reputed to be pirating Metallica's music, and demanded they be removed from the service. The group was also the first to sue the fledgling company.
Jon Iverson Aug 06, 2000 0 comments
Longtime audiophiles no doubt remember Hafler for their early amp and preamp kits, which offered excellent value for the money. The company soon dropped the kits, but continued production with a complete line of popular amps and preamps throughout the '80s and early '90s, only to hit hard times as the audio recession kicked in.
Jon Iverson Feb 23, 2004 0 comments
Back in January of 2002, we reported that loudspeaker manufacturer NHT and DEQX (then known as ClarityEQ) had begun to co-develop a new line of active loudspeakers using DEQX's custom digital room correction technology. It's two years later, and NHT says it is finally ready to unveil the first speaker system incorporating digital signal processing (DSP) developed during the alliance.
Jon Iverson Oct 13, 2002 0 comments
Media critics may be right: If record companies had spent as much effort building a digital distribution network as they have fighting digital piracy, they might actually be making money online instead of complaining about it. This is the conclusion of a new report from KPMG and the Economist Intelligence Unit.
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