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RMAF 2008
Stephen Mejias Oct 13, 2008 0 comments
Newcomer Virtue Audio made its debut at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest showing a colorful collection of affordable Tripath amplifiers. The 45Wpc Audiophile One ($249) integrated amp was engineered by Audience's Roger Sheker and uses VirtuCap input capacitors designed for Virtue by Audience. Inside the chassis, you'll find the cutest little heat pipe designed to maximize space and keep things cool. On the rear panel, propeller post binding posts makes making connections easy, and the amp's aluminum chassis is available in five bold colors (black velvet, snow [a kind of frosty white], red brick, clouds [a kind of frosty blue], and mesa [a kind of mustard]).
Stephen Mejias
Stephen Mejias Feb 06, 2008 1 comments
We spent almost all of today proofreading the April 2008 edition of "Recommended Components." One day of proofreading, however, is not enough.
Stephen Mejias
Stephen Mejias Sep 05, 2008 2 comments
Set times for tomorrow's East Village Radio Music Festival have been announced. Looks like this:
Munich High End 2011
Stephen Mejias May 19, 2011 0 comments
As I opened the door to my little room, I was greeted by the distinct buzz of television electricity. I wondered if someone was inside, waiting for me.

No such luck, but I found something similarly delightful: A friendly greeting from the hotel, in charming, 8-bit glory.

NY Audio & AV 2012
Stephen Mejias Apr 15, 2012 Published: Apr 17, 2012 0 comments
And here’s Well Rounded Sound’s designer, Jerry Cmehil, holding a couple of his company’s smaller offerings—in his right hand, a little Yorkie ($249/pair), and in his right hand, a Jack Terrier 2 ($299/pair). These speakers are identical in size, but the Jack Terrier is slightly more sensitive (88dB vs the Yorkie’s 87dB rating) and has a larger specified frequency range (100Hz–24kHz vs 100Hz–21kHz).
Stephen Mejias
Stephen Mejias Jul 03, 2007 4 comments
What's amazing (and absolutely obvious, depending on how you look at it) is that I listen to music differently now. I mean, my teenage ears don't have very much in common with my soon-to-be 30 year old ears.
CAS 2011
Stephen Mejias Jul 15, 2011 1 comments
From down the hall, I heard The Doors. Inside the Wells Audio room, a VPI Scout turntable (still just $1800 after all these years) was spinning “Riders on the Storm.”

The system:

NY Audio Show 2013
Stephen Mejias Apr 17, 2013 4 comments
Because I know Wes Bender and E.A.R.’s Dan Meinwald are always open to new sounds, I took the opportunity in the Wes Bender Studio room to play the title cut from Aidan Baker’s latest release, Already Drowning.
RMAF 2011
Stephen Mejias Oct 19, 2011 1 comments
Wes Bender’s been in the hi-fi business for a long time and he’s finally decided to open up his own shop. Wes Bender Studio NYC is perhaps the newest audio salon in New York. I say “perhaps” because new hi-fi dealers seem to be popping up like mad around here. I can't keep up. This is a good thing. The more good places we have to listen, the better chance we have of growing.
Stephen Mejias
Stephen Mejias Jan 12, 2009 0 comments
The inimitable WP takes a poke at me.
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