Wes Buys a Hat

Wes went to the Forbidden City in December.

It was cold.

It was really frikken' cold.

Wes' head was cold.

Wes' hands were cold.

Wes' feet were cold.

Wes was sad.

Then Wes went to the Heavenly Temple.

He went to buy some hot chocolate.

Maybe that would make him warm.

At the shop, Wes saw a hat.

"This is a great hat!" Wes said.

Wes said, "I will buy this hat!"

Wes bought the hat.

Soon, his head was warm.

Wes' hands were warm.

Wes' feet were warm.

Wes was happy.

And everywhere Wes went, other people were happy.

At least, they were laughing.

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