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Stereophile Jan 03, 1999 58 comments
The benefits of more choice or an audiophile disaster? It seems that Sony/Philips' SACD and DVD-Audio are on a collision course in their race for the title of the next high-end audio format. If they decide to duke it out, we'll get to compare the two formats ourselves, but is this good or bad for the audiophile?
Will a format war between SACD and DVD-Audio be good or bad for audiophiles? Why or why not?
Good---let them fight it out!
23% (25 votes)
Bad---settle before going to market!
60% (66 votes)
It won't matter
9% (10 votes)
I don't care
8% (9 votes)
Total votes: 110
Stereophile Mar 21, 1999 74 comments
Last week's "Soapbox" stirred up a hornet's nest of comments. Kevin Wilkinson postulated that high-resolution technical developments like DVD-Audio and SACD might spell doom for the High End. On the other hand, they could contribute to its rebirth. What do you think?
Will high-resolution technical advancements finish high-end audio?
Yes, and soon . . .
5% (7 votes)
Yes, but in the long term . . .
7% (10 votes)
Possibly . . .
9% (13 votes)
No, but it will change for the worse . . .
3% (4 votes)
No, it will get better . . .
42% (60 votes)
It's more complicated than that . . .
34% (48 votes)
Total votes: 142
Stereophile Feb 15, 2004 99 comments
Music reproduction has certainly come a long way since the early wax cylinder. But will we ever be able to perfectly reproduce the sound of, say, a live jazz quartet in our living rooms?
Will perfect audio reproduction ever be possible in a listener's home? Why or why not?
58% (106 votes)
Many years away
23% (42 votes)
It's almost here
14% (25 votes)
We already have it
6% (11 votes)
Total votes: 184
Stereophile Dec 07, 2003 196 comments
Audio pundits get to speculate all day long about high-rez audio. But tell us what you think: will either SACD or DVD-Audio make it? Why or why not?
Will SACD or DVD-Audio survive in the marketplace over the next five years? Why or why not?
Only SACD will survive
35% (156 votes)
Only DVD-Audio will survive
9% (39 votes)
They will both survive
35% (159 votes)
Neither will survive
21% (96 votes)
Total votes: 450
Stereophile Sep 13, 2009 72 comments
Both the vinyl LP and digital CD formats and their players proved fertile ground for audiophile tinkering and paved the way for new companies and technological innovation. Will the era of downloads and streaming also lead to an audiophile resurgence?
Will the era of downloads and streaming also lead to an audiophile resurgence?
Yes, and here's why
57% (70 votes)
No, and here's why not
43% (53 votes)
Total votes: 123
Gary Ang & Ster... Dec 14, 1997 106 comments
In the January '98 Stereophile, Michael Zeugin of Audio Influx asserts that high-end audio is being sucked into a "Black Hole" for a variety of reasons. These include: goofy products, computers taking over the youth market, and boomers' limited income being channeled elsewhere. What do you think?
Will the market for high-end audio get better or worse?
He's nuts---it'll get better
29% (56 votes)
Worse: limited income
8% (16 votes)
Worse: goofy products
5% (10 votes)
Worse: computers
13% (24 votes)
Worse: all of the above
21% (40 votes)
Worse: other (add comment)
24% (46 votes)
Total votes: 192
Stereophile Aug 25, 2002 134 comments
The complete set of 22 Rolling Stones recordings from the ABKCO label are set to be released as SACD/CD hybrid discs over the next few weeks. Will this give SACD a boost in the marketplace?
Will the upcoming SACD/CD Rolling Stones releases help the SACD format? Why or why not?
Yes, in a big way
27% (91 votes)
Yes, but only a little
32% (106 votes)
Not sure
11% (36 votes)
No, not much help
16% (53 votes)
No, not at all
14% (46 votes)
Total votes: 332
Stereophile Sep 07, 2003 149 comments
Poll after poll reveals that readers think that high CD prices solidly outpace even the mediocrity of the music offerings as the number-one symptom of what is wrong with the music business. Now that Universal is lowering the price on some of its CDs, do you think you'll buy more of its discs?
Will Universal's announcement of $12.99 CDs for some of its releases encourage you to buy more of its discs?
Yes, I'll buy a lot more Universal music
16% (46 votes)
Yes, I'll buy a few more of their discs
27% (78 votes)
24% (70 votes)
No, the price is still not low enough
16% (48 votes)
No, I still don't like the music at any price
9% (27 votes)
8% (24 votes)
Total votes: 293
Stereophile Jan 17, 1999 0 comments
Some form of high-resolution digital audio is right around the corner. Whether it's SACD, DVD-Audio, or both, will you be an early adopter, or will you wait until the dust settles?
Will you jump right in with the new high-resolution audio formats when they're finally released, or will you wait? In either case, why?
I'll jump right in
8% (23 votes)
I'll wait a month or so
3% (7 votes)
I'll wait 6 months
9% (26 votes)
I'll wait a year
30% (83 votes)
I'll wait for a couple of years
27% (75 votes)
I <I>have</I> a high-resolution format: LP
14% (38 votes)
I don't really care
9% (26 votes)
Total votes: 278
Robert Gantz Sep 09, 2001 0 comments
Reader Robert Gantz wonders, now that the major record labels have committed to adding copy protection processing to at least some of their CDs, are you ready to reduce or stop buying new music until they stop?
With all the talk of record labels adding copyright protection to CDs, would you consider a boycott on new music purchases?
34% (129 votes)
Only the protected discs
48% (181 votes)
I'll reduce purchases
3% (13 votes)
No, I'll keep buying as normal
11% (42 votes)
3% (13 votes)
Total votes: 378
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