The Rega P3-24 in Colour

Remember all that talk about me just loving the Rega P3 for its plain-Jane, ashen splendor?

Well, yeah, I do love it. But you know what I love more?

I love the P3's high-gloss yellow, green, white, black, and red paint jobs more! I would bite my arm off for one of these.

Now, my only problem is figuring out which finish I love most.

When Ariel first broke the news to me, I was somewhat shocked, and even a little disappointed, by the price increase. An additional FOUR HUNDRED BUCKS for some fancy finishes?! OH, BUGGER. I'll take the gray, thank you.

But then I realized that the price increase includes Rega's outboard TT-PSU power supply which provides improved speed stability and mucho convenient push-button selection between the P3-24's two speeds. I wanted this feature anyhow because I find that I'm much less interested in listening to my colourful 45s when I have to lift the glass platter and manipulate the belt. (It's cool, but kind of a pain—and also a little scary.) The TT-PSU costs $375 on its own, so the total price of $1295 with power supply and snazzy finish still strikes me as a bargain. It's almost as though Rega read my mind. Brill!

So, dear readers, help me select a finish. Which colour do you love the most? (Footnote)


Footnote: I reserve the right to veto. If you pick black, I am not listening.

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Mike's picture

I have the yellow, with black mat, also I have a yellow mat and solid cork for different looks.It does get the comments!!I must add that the strangest color I have is the older P3 BLUE! It's a light blue and I have not seen another like it. I bought it with plans on doing it up with cherry veneer and customing up the rest of the gear (Tonearm, motor etc) but so far haven't decided on whether to go ahead or save the base as is.

Ott's picture

Just got the Red one, with the yellow Exact cartridge fitted....IT IS STUNNING.....I love it...

soundzen's picture

love all the colours! prefer the green but so hard to sell it later. the safest colour is black because its a classic but to be original i think white is better... anyways, cant we buy the cheaper P3 flat-black and paint it gloss with even a graffitti on it? (like those cool laptop stickers) - go rega!

Abadan's picture

Just ordered a P3-24 in Red, with a black mat. Waiting for it to be delivered. Heard the turntable at the dealers in Green. Preferred the Red.

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