Pocahaunted: Make It Real

Make it real, make it real, make it real. Make it real what? Make it real good. Make it real hard. Make it real long. Make it real.

Pocahaunted makes it all ways. Make It Real is my new favorite Pocahaunted release, surpassing the last one by simply being the latest but also by being the freshest. Make It Real has cowbell and organ; has disco boots; is hazy, hot, and humid; is funkier and fresher than anything Pocahaunted has ever released. If you recognize that dubbed-out, laidback sway, it’s because you know Sun Araw’s Cameron Stallone, lucky bastard, on guitar and effects.

Make It Real sounds like The Doors hanging out with Bob Marley at George Clinton’s house. In 1986. You can get it from Not Not Fun, of course. And listen to a track at OMG Vinyl.

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RRR666's picture

I can't wait to hear this; ordered it as soon as it showed up on the NNF website. A new Pocahaunted release is always a monumental for me. From what I hear, their new line-up and sound is killer.

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