My New Rega P3-24

My new Rega P3-24 sits atop a Polycrystal equipment rack given to me by Jonathan Scull. Radiohead's Kid A never sounded so good.
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Alex's picture

Man, that's a great record! Is that an original Parlophone press or the recent Capitol reissue?

Stephen Mejias's picture

I wish it was an original! It's just the Capitol reissue, but it doesn't sound half-bad. In fact, it sounded really fricking good when I played it on the new 'table.

Christian's picture

That is one very, very nice looking table. Congrats.

rsgibran's picture

I thought you had decided on the vomit green color? The white looks much beter IMHO!

Hugo's picture

Great turntable man, and an awesome album. If you ever get a chance to hear the p9 it will blow you away.

mahmoud's picture

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JN's picture

Hi,I've read a lot lately about different Rega tonearms and anti-skate issues. Could you tell us how much anti-skate do you use with that cartridge-tonearm combination?

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