Monkeyhaus: Colorado Springs

Rob of Colorado Springs writes:

Thought I'd share some pics of my listening room. Very modest setup...but good synergy. Much of the credit goes to the overachieving Ascend Acoustic Sierra 1 speakers. Only had them a month...but love them.

Once a month I have a group of guys over for a listening session. Bunch of 40- and 50-something music lovers. Lots of fun.

Anyway...I enjoy your column; especially reading about your Monkeyhaus experiences. Must be a blast.

Thanks, Rob!

Rob is obviously having a great time, and he’s doing exactly what John DeVore had hoped; John DeVore wants people to share the joy of listening to music, just as he has. Plus: John Atkinson tells me that it was once a fairly common practice for people to get together and enjoy a listening session. So, Rob is carrying on a tradition.

There should be Monkeyhauses all over the world, places where people can get together to listen to music on the hi-fi, get to know one another better, have a few drinks, feed their hunger for new records and gear.

It is a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s Monkeyhaus at the DeVore Fidelity factory in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. I have a very good feeling about this one. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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rvance's picture

Way to go, Rob! "Little" systems that kick ass are the heart and soul of our hobby, despite what the Dick Weeds may say. Acoustics and set-up can make for audio bliss. My early bookshelf-speaker-in-a-small room system was every bit as satisfying as my floor-standers in a large room are today. And your listening sessions take your commitment a step beyond. Well done.

Larry AKA Poor Audiophile's picture

Very cool!!

zead's picture

love it.....listening to music is so cool

Mephisto's picture

Thank you very much for sharing so cool moments with music. The MonkeyHaus serie is a really cool feeling about music and the way to share it.Great !!!!

Ida Wanton's picture

There can be no pleasure if it's too small. tiny speakers NEVER satisfy. Tiny drivers can not move air, thus there is no realism.

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