Grails: Doomsdayer's Holiday

It's Friday evening. I would like to be at home, sitting on the orange couch, a beer in my hand, the light rain tapping against my windows, listening to Grails' Doomsdayer's Holiday. Sounds bleak, doesn't it? But Grails are really kind of perfect for this sort of warm, rainy autumn night, with their dark mix of Eastern psychedelia, folk, metal, and free-jazz ramblings. Beautifully recorded, too, with heart-jolting impact and sweet, sweet dynamic range.

Is that 100 words?

I'm practicing for this weekend's "Record to Die For" workout. We are now beginning production on the February 2009 issue, which includes that popular annual music feature. 25 words to go.

When I listen to this music, I feel like I should be toking on the world's largest doobie, even though I don't smoke. Perfect! Alright, I'm going now.

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michaelavorgna's picture

This would be a good year to be a cat.

Ray Buchanan's picture

I gave this a chance, really did...but to me it just sounded like a bad mash up of Korn and NIN, both of which I hate. I was expecting something like blackmothsuperrainbow, mogwai or something in that vein... this, to me..sounded like that terrible music that plays during chase scenes in prison break.

Stephen Mejias's picture

it just sounded like a bad mash up of Korn and NINOuch, man. Why don't you just go ahead and add Limp Bizkit, and really break my heart. Interesting, though: You got me wondering if we're even listening to the same band.

Alex's picture

I like Grails a bunch and Black Moth Super Rainbow while we're on the topic. Steven, have you heard of a record shop based out of San Francisco called Aquarius Records? Super cool and quirky shop specializing in everything doomy, droney, and dirgey. They do their own in-house reviews, a bi-monthly newsletter, and are fans of Grails. I like to think of it as the music store that has everything you never knew you needed. Lots of obscure stuff to be found, most with sounds samples too.

Skrapnhoj's picture

Steven,I have been reading your blogs for some time and really enjoy them and researching your new discoveries. I have not checked out Grail, but if it is mash up of Korn and NIN, it can't be all bad. And Alex, thank you for the tip on Aquarius Records - my bank acount is already feeling the pain!

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