Bushman’s Revenge: Jitterbug

There’s nothing like being pulverized by a Norwegian power trio in the morning. Thank you, Bushman’s Revenge. Your latest assault, Jitterbug, completely kills.

It kills, but it also builds, it soars, it uplifts. Jitterbug is deadly like the night and triumphant like the day, equal parts fire and soul, matching Motorhead and the Melvins with Hendrix, Ayler, and Coltrane.

Jitterbug burns. Due to be released on June 8, from Rune Grammofon, distributed by Forced Exposure. Listen.

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Trey's picture

Cool guitar work, I really like the tone thee band gets. I am so looking forward to Saturday when we move into our post-flood apartment! I can start getting my vinyl back up. Currently I am listening to my iPod through an earmax tubed headphone amp. Nice, and welcome to be sure, but nothing like vinyl, hd rips, or even cds. Jitterbug looks like something to buy to break in the new set up!Trey

Dave_c's picture

Thanks for the heads-up on this one Stephen!Looks good.

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