Beer of the Year

I've got to agree with my main man, Michael Lavorgna: Dale's Pale Ale from the Oskar Blues Brewery in Lyons, Colorado, wins the award for best beer of 2008.

It is hoppier than a bunny on crack. It comes in a manly can. A six-pack costs more than I want to mention, but I can buy it at my local liquor store. It was the beer we drank while listening to vinyl on the Rega P3. It provides the perfect hi-fi buzz.

John Atkinson is at home right now resting after a long day's work, his sore legs propped up, his hand wrapped tight around a glass of cold water—a man marooned in a miserable world without beer. He has taken the prescribed dosage of antibiotics for an infection, and he is following his doctor's orders: No alcohol until the antibiotics are complete.

Can you imagine—on the eve of the new year—a man without beer?!


JA, keep hope alive. The new year will be spectacular. This Dale's for you.

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Dales huh? I have yet to try that one. I have been on a year long hold out against the hops. Malty has been the watchword for the year of 2008.I give you, I wish I had one to give you, Left Hand Brewery Milk Stout.If they don't have that in heaven, I am sneaking a 6 pack in.Trey

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I just finished a 6-pack of Left Hand Milk Stout. Good stuff.

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Good pick. I've certainly put away quite a few of those this year.

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