Now It's up To Me to Bow out Gracefully

I was startled by a song:

Whenever you call me, I'll be there
Whenever you want me, I'll be there
Whenever you need me, I'll be there
I'll be around

It was my phone. I answered it:

"Hi, Stevie. Whatcha doin'?"

It was my mom. I answered her:

"Nothing. Just getting ready for bed."
"It's nine-thirty. On a Friday night, Stephen!"
"I know. I'm a swinger, ma."
"Yup. I'm putting myself out there. Maybe I'll meet someone."

Al Marcy's picture

Friday night at the meat market. Oh, the romance ;)

Laura LoVecchio's picture

You, my friend, are not alone. When I was a much younger, single woman working at a high stress job (magazine ad sales) I would welcome Friday nights just so that I could go home and collapse. Only if there was really something special happening would I go out on a Friday night. Fridays were a couple of drinks with the girls, maybe a quick bite to eat and then home. Pajamas! Cats! Falling asleep before the end of Letterman. Wait a minute, with some slight variation this is still what my Friday nights are like. See, it will all work out for the best. Sleep tight young man.

ninut's picture

nix! your friday night sounds like the majority of mine. the only difference? ice cream. where was your ICE CREAM?!?! geesh. oh well. in other news, i'm thinking about coming to see MPS saturday night. holla at me this week so we can discuss. miss you to reeces pieces, pumpkins. xo

Stephen Mejias's picture

>See, it will all work out for the best. Sleep tight young man. Aw, so sweet and kind, Laura. Thank you.A certain editor-in-chief was lucky to meet you, wasn't he?
Yes, he was.

Stephen Mejias's picture

Nina!>your friday night sounds like the majority of mine.
Seems it's that way for a lot of hard-working people.>where was your ICE CREAM?!?!
Duh, what was I thinking? Sheesh, Brandon's another guy lucky in love, isn't he? Yes he is.

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