Line of the Week: Mahler's #8

Here, in the "Elements" blog, I like to try to point out some of the fun, interesting, entertaining stuff that can be found in other parts of the truly vast and wonderful webworld that is That's, basically, what yesterday's post was all about—that and my own emotional and psychological issues, which I like to throw in there to keep things exciting for you readers.

Forum member and all-around cool guy, Selfdivider, suggested that I start a "Line of the Week" post. Incidentally, I have been considering similar weekly topics. I like routines, I like traditions. They keep me grounded and comfortable. They help make a home. Wouldn't you say? The only problem with starting something new—like putting a border around your magazine covers—is the possibility of getting stuck, carrying a tradition for tradition's sake, falling into a lifeless waltz like two loveless lovers who don't do nothing no more, get up, get down, go out to the store, doomed to drive forever, doomed to forever drive. With that in mind, I'll tell you right now: When things don't work, we'll change them.

I remember John Atkinson saying: "I do what I do because it feels right."

Forum member, Welsh hifi, is just beginning an exploration of classical music. He had asked for some album suggestions, pieces of music that would help get him on his way. Other forum members chimed in with fun pieces such as Holst's Planets or Listz's Mephisto Waltz. These suggestions made good sense to me. I mean, I am no classical music buff, but anything that might remind you of Darth Vader landing on the Death Star would probably be a good bet for any classical music beginner. Right? Instead, however, Welsh decided to look into Mahler's Eighth, which (I've heard) can be pretty dense.

And so, Welsh's reaction, our very first "Line of the Week":

It's sort of like Sound of Music meets Black Sabbath!!!

I am not much familiar with Mahler, but that sounds pretty radical to me.

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selfdivider's picture

I think Stereophile should hire WelshHifi as the classical music critic.

Kal Rubinson's picture

IIRC, I thought he was referring to Mahler #2.Kal

Stephen Mejias's picture

Mahler #8 was the piece that Welsh listened to. John DeVore later recommened #2 as a good piece for beginners.

Mark G.'s picture

I would suggest Mahler's 1st. Not as "dense". I started out with his 9th and at first it sounded like elevator music to me. You need to concentrate to get anything out of it. And it's long!The 8th is similar. My copy of the 1st fits on one LP and is easier to follow. Maybe 'cause it was his 1st - not as difficult.What the heck, get 'em all!

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