Sumiko's New Okki Nokki

Photo: John Atkinson

I didn’t actually see Sumiko’s Okki Nokki record cleaning machine, but people at RMAF kept telling me about it. John Atkinson did get to see it on static display in Listen-Up’s PrimaLuna/Sonus Faber room, and he says it appears to be solidly built. The machine utilizes an aluminum vacuum tube, has a dual-direction platter motor, and its aluminum cabinet houses a tank for containing used fluid. In theory, the Okki Nokki already makes my VPI 16.5 seem a little cumbersome.

The Okki Nokki is manufactured in Germany and has a starting price of $499. The dust cover costs an additional $79, but potential customers can receive both the machine and dust cover for a package price of $549, the exact price of my dear VPI 16.5.

Okey dokey, Okki Nokki. Come to me.

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