Audio-Technica AT-OC9 phono cartridge

While the AT-OC9 bears the Audio-Technica logo, you won't find a sample of this moving-coil cartridge at your friendly Audio-Technica dealership. The US distributor of Audio-Technica products has apparently decided that their market does not include high-end cartridges. A quick perusal of the latest Audio directory issue (October 1988) lists the most expensive AT cartridge at $295, with no moving-coils in sight. When I first heard of the AT-OC9, the only reasonably accessible source, short of Japan, was Audio-Technica in the UK. A quick phone call and follow-up letter resulted in a review sample. Since that time, Music Hall in the US importers of the Epos loudspeakers, among other items) has begun importing the AT-OC9 (along with the less-expensive AT-F5). Mail-order company Lyle Cartridges also stock it, I believe.
Wed, 02/01/1989

Hitting Newsstands This Week: the September Issue!

GamuT’s impressive-sounding RS7 tower graces the cover, while inside the issue, the full reviews feature Vinnie Rossi’s unique LIO integrated amplifier, AudioQuest’s intriguing JitterBug, B&W’s affordable 683 S2 speaker, and the high-performance Acoustic Signature Triple X turntable. We take a second look at Wilson Benesch's high-performance minimonitor; assemble three high-performance desktop systems at three price levels; offer three cost-free tips for getting the best from your system; and interview iconic English singer/songwriter/guitarist Richard Thompson. And there’s more—much more.
Wed, 08/12/2015

Advent 300 receiver Specifications

Tue, 08/11/2015

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Went to my first audio salon wanted the Audio Research with Tympanis - in the real world as a young Airman, matched Advent to GAS Son of Ampzilla, with 1st gen Magnepan MMG, and AR table - started here and continues!

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I had this receiver, because it was reviewed favorably here, and because the preamp or tuner was designed by one of the industry golden boys (Holman?), but it had a hum I couldn't get rid of, and I figured it was just too cheap and dumped it. Holt famously said once that "Who cares how long it lasts if it doesn't sound good?", but the other side of that coin is just as true.

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I bought a second-hand Advent 300 receiver for $75 soon after joining Stereophile. I used it in my office system for several years until one channel died.

It was designed by Tomlinson Holman, who subsequently started APT-Holman, before ending up at Lucasfilm, where he came up with THX.

John Atkinson
Editor, Stereophile

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At least the early versions of this receiver were indeed plagued with background hum. They may have improved it in later runs. It may have been a ground loop or some power supply problem, but in general this thing was built like a complete piece of junk. The only real redeeming factor was the phono preamp, which did perform well above its pay scale. But it was not a well built or reliable product by any stretch, especially when the Japanese were churning out virtually bulletproof, high quality products at the same time. It was an attempt at producing better sound quality than what the Japanese were offering, which in my opinion it accomplished mostly when playing records. There was a fad for a while in using it as a tuner preamp, which faded away with the realization that the tuner was pretty mediocre as was the rest of the preamp beyond the phono stage. I also recall the preamp output letting out a hefty thump when switched on and off.

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I remember that hefty thump. I had borrowed a pair of demo LS3/5a's from a store in Pittsburgh, not knowing that one of the drivers was blown. So I took them back and the salesguy asked what I was using them with (Advent Receiver), and I thought he was going to throw me out. He was sure the Advent blew his precious little LS3/5a.

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I bought this receiver back in the '70's, after Vietnam, along with the HK ST-6 linear tracking TT and the large Advent speakers. The receiver has long since died and I pitched it but the speakers I re coned and gave them to my son who replaced the grills and still uses them as his main speakers.

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We got one in on trade once, back in the early '90s. Couldn't resist comparing it to the NAD 7225. The new one was better but not by a tremendous amount (and that's not counting the FM tuner performance.)

So did TH also design the tuner, or was that a KLH design (the tuning dial may have just been a coincidence.)


The Silent Minority

Until about nine months ago, in the fall of 1970, FM radio station WFLN, Philadelphia, was just another one of that dying breed: the classical FM station. Like its counterparts in the few remaining classical-radio cities, it provides the major part of the high-fidelity listener's radio diet, and also like most similar classical stations, its fidelity was nothing to brag about.
Thu, 07/01/1971

Advent 300 receiver

This receiver includes a rather respectable little tuner, almost comparable to the Dyna FM-5 in performance, a 15Wpc power amplifier of passable quality, and a preamplifier section that in some ways gives some of the costliest preamps a run for their money.

If you don't live in a difficult receiving area or are trying to receive long-distance FM, the tuner should satisfy any perfectionist. It is far superior to the FM transmission quality in most US cities anyway. The power amplifier is better than any we have previously found driving the dinky little speakers in most compact systems, but it has neither the power nor the other attributes to replace any of the amplifiers currently in favor with perfectionists.

Thu, 12/01/1977

Welcome, Intervention Records

There's a new audiophile-quality vinyl reissue endeavor on the scene: Intervention Records (IR). Dedicated to reissuing recordings that are "entirely new to the vinyl reissue market, particularly titles that never saw a vinyl release at all or only saw very limited release," Intervention Records' titles are sourced from the best available sources, primarily analog master tapes, and are mastered in the analog domain by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio.
Tue, 08/11/2015

The California Audio Show Starts Friday

The sixth annual California Audio Show kicks off this Friday, August 14, 10am, at the Westin Hotel in Millbrae. In a lovely location facing the water and within walking distance of several restaurants, audiophiles and the equally curious will enjoy sound in 29 active exhibit rooms, a "Headmasters" room with 7 exhibits, and 5 more exhibits in the hallway...
Mon, 08/10/2015

A Visit to the Magico Factory

Alon Wolf with the Magico M Project speakers. All photos: Jason Victor Serinus

Ever since 2013, when Alon Wolf's California-based Magico loudspeaker company consolidated its original 5000 sq. ft. Berkeley headquarters and 5000 sq. ft. San Jose warehouse into a single 20,000 ft. facility in Hayward, people have been telling me that I had to experience the company's "incredible" listening room. Ironically, it was only after I had relocated from the Bay Area to Port Townsend, WA, that the opportunity arose to take Alon Wolf up on his long-standing invitation to visit.

Sun, 08/09/2015

A Visit To Abbey Road Studios

Call me a hopeless romantic but I could not get “Penny Lane” out of my head as I sat in the back of a black cab whizzing across a remarkably deserted London early one morning a couple weeks ago. “On the corner is a banker with a motorcar…” I was on a pilgrimage. More like THE pilgrimage. The one every serious fan of twentieth century music needs to make at least once. Out to St. John’s Wood and Abbey Road Studios.
Fri, 08/07/2015

You're Surrounded & Chesky Records Special Deal For Stereophile Readers

We've worked out a special deal for readers to celebrate the new Chesky You're Surrounded release.

From now until September 7, 2015, readers of this website will get a 25% discount on the new 24-bit high resolution You're Surrounded album and/or anything in Chesky's hi-res catalog on

Fri, 08/07/2015


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