John Atkinson Posted: Nov 17, 2002 0 comments
"Most important." That was the phrase I used when I e-mailed the members of Stereophile's extended family of reviewers and writers to ask for suggestions when I began to compile this list. I didn't want to be more specific because I wanted to cast the net as wide as possible. But there are many factors that make an audio component "important": design innovation, sound quality, sales figures, influence on other designers, influence on the evolving market, influence on system synergy.
Zan Stewart Posted: Nov 17, 2002 0 comments
CARTER, COBB, COLEMAN, STERN: 4 Generations of Miles
George Coleman, tenor sax; Mike Stern, electric guitar; Ron Carter, bass; Jimmy Cobb, drums
Chesky JD238 (CD). 2002. David Chesky, prod.; Barry Wolifson, eng.; Nicholas Prout, mastering. DDD. TT: 67:06
Performance ****½
Sonics *****
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Barry Willis Posted: Nov 10, 2002 0 comments
Folk wisdom has it that fools lock the barn door after the horses have escaped. They also chase all over the countryside trying to catch them. The music business is doing some of both in legal action brought against file-sharing service Madster.
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Stereophile Staff Posted: Nov 10, 2002 0 comments
John Atkinson and Arnis Balgalvis audition the Avalon Eclipse loudspeaker, whose quasi-anechoic TDS response prompted JA to exclaim, "Boy, that's flat!" But is flat where it's at? AB thought so: "The sound I heard was truly outstanding."
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Barry Willis Posted: Nov 10, 2002 0 comments
The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has gone on record opposing the Artistic Freedom Act, introduced for consideration by the New York State Assembly on October 28 by Speaker Sheldon Silver. The bill would free artists from long-term contracts—now sometimes as long as 25 years—and would give them "free agency" status.
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Jon Iverson Posted: Nov 10, 2002 0 comments
The latest figures for the music industry remain grim: Online sales of recorded music have dropped 20% through the first half of 2002 compared with the same period last year, losing ground faster than the overall US music market, which lost 7% during the same period, according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). And the trend is accelerating. The latest numbers show online sales down 25% in the third quarter over last year.
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Barry Willis Posted: Nov 10, 2002 0 comments
Growing pains aren't always unpleasant. In the case of Denver-based Ultimate Electronics, they might be completely enjoyable.
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John Marks Posted: Nov 08, 2002 0 comments
Aristotle, what a guy.
Larry Greenhill Posted: Nov 08, 2002 0 comments
Talking to fellow audiophiles, I sometimes hear generalizations about power-amplifier design: "High-power amplifiers don't sound as good as low-power amplifiers." "Tube amps are more musical than solid-state amps." "Class-A circuit designs always sound better than class-AB." "Bridged amplifiers don't image precisely, throw deep soundstages, or have the transparency of non-bridged output stages." Etc.
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Jon Iverson Posted: Nov 03, 2002 0 comments
One of the great things about the DVD-Audio format is the sheer flexibility built into the standard: two-channel or multichannel (mixed for four, five, or six speakers), multiple resolutions, multiple encode/decode choices (MLP, Dolby Digital, DTS, PCM), and an assortment of special features, including video.


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