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Ayre finds its own road with the DX-5 "Universal A/V Engine," and we offer our picks for the 2010 Products of the Year!
29 Ayre DX-5...
by John Atkinson
Dec 4 2010 - 5:20pm
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Focal's 30th-Anniversary Speaker; 40 years of sonic excellence from ECM's legendary Manfred Eicher; and new gear from Goldring, Miyajima, Simaudio, AMR, Gradient, Rega, NuForce, Musical Fidelity, and Magico.
63 ECM interview
by SpecificOcean
Jan 10 2011 - 7:23am
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Michael Lavorgna on "Why Music Matters Most"; our semi-annual "Recommended Components" list!; reviews of products from Logitech, Einstein, McIntosh, NAD, Audio Analogue, Shindo, Vivid Audio, CEntrance, dCS, Harbeth, Acapella, and Miyajima.
177 Squeezebox...
by Elk
Nov 15 2010 - 7:02am
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SM on "Building Quality"; integrated tube amps from Manley Labs and Audio Research; reviews of products from Acapella, Benchmark, Electrocompaniet, Cary, Vitus, ASUS, Audiostone, Oswalds Mill Audio, and Krell.
158 SACD mistakes
by JennyMarley
Sep 4 2014 - 1:59pm
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Gradient's unique Helsinki 1.5; ripping LPs with Pure Vinyl; reviews of products from Harbeth, NAT, Etymotic, MiniWatt; a report from the Monkeyhaus and the Mystic Chords of Memory.
135 August Issue...
by Poor Audiophile
Aug 25 2010 - 7:56pm
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Our Special Aspiration Issue includes coverage on the Vivid G1Giya, Wilson Sasha, and Focal Maestro Utopia loudspeakers; Marantz SA-KI-Pearl and Playback Designs MPS-5 integrated amplifiers; Boulder 1008, Vitus MP-P201, and AMR PH-77 phono preamps; Classe CT-SSP surround-sound processor; and Fi 2b tubed preamp.
108 Print...
by johnk
May 31 2011 - 11:36am
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JA explains what separates the boys from the men; RB gets soulful with Daptone; ST listens to the newest Gibbon; MF explores SRA and VTA; AD finds a new trannie; JM auditions products from ProAc and Leben; plus reviews of products from Spiral Groove, Canton, PSB, YBA, CEntrance, and Audience.
48 Stereophile...
by Mark S
Jul 24 2010 - 10:04am
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Our web monkey describes the Holy Trinity of Audiophiledom; ST auditions headphone amps; Mikey plays with a Fozgometer; Art restores a pair of Large Advents; Kal reports from the 2009 CES and tries out an A/V receiver. Plus: Reviews of hot products from JBL, Klipsch, Roksan, Musical Fidelity, Lindemann, Stello, and Grado.
87 AD's large...
by ms977a
Dec 24 2010 - 2:44pm
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Reviews of products from Monitor Audio, Bauer/Ayre, BAT, Marantz, JL Audio, Quicksilver, ATC, and Tempo Electric; Mikey reports from the 2010 CES; RB listens to a new Hendrix release; JA addresses the recent Lexicon Blu-ray controversy; and we list more than 500 "Recommended Components."
156 Floating the...
by struts
Jun 10 2010 - 1:25pm
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Steve Guttenberg rediscovers the joys of analog; Keith Howard examines tonearm geometry (and Art Dudley totally ignores it, sort of); Richard Lehnert dives into Bruckner's Symphony No.9; ST goes class-A; Mikey goes to Denmark; Kal uncovers a Lexicon; RB devours Neil Young; Reviews of hot components!
155 NAD Master...
by Orb
Mar 31 2010 - 3:54am
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The February issue includes our "Records to Die For" feature. Also inside: Reviews of products from Vienna Acoustics, Hanns, Pro-Ject, Playback Designs, Bryston, RealTraps. And: Mikey finds a cheap LP cleaner; Sam gets passive; Art falls for a Sophia; and JM sums up his quest for an affordable system.
134 Recorded...
by dave_b
Feb 20 2010 - 6:20pm
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On the cover of Vol.33 No.1, we feature the Xonar Essence soundcard. Inside, Art wishes us a Happy New Year; JVS speaks with Allen Perkins; RB chats with Wayne Coyne; MF reports from RMAF; EL gets an earful from Totem. And so much more!
233 Totem Angst...
by dave_b
Jul 8 2010 - 10:35am
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