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We've got the 60 BEST audio products of 2006, wrapped up nice and tied in a bow. Plus: Wes Phillips and John Atkinson discuss the making of the new Cantus disc, There Lies the Home; our music writers bring reports on tons of reissues; our audio guys offer equipment reports galore.
145 Tara, CAST,...
by Elk
Aug 7 2007 - 8:09pm
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We've got mucho macho loudspeakers from Wilson, NHT, Klipsch, Canton, and JL Audio. We've got phono preamps from Oracle and Artemis. We've got the world's most expensive CD player from Zanden. We've got intense features from Thermal Compression to Shostakovich.
100 J. Atkinson...
by Editor
Dec 11 2007 - 10:56am
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An issue full of exciting and affordable gear: Sonos' ZP80 ($349) and ZP100 ($499) WiFi zone players; Sonic Impact's Super T amp ($159); NAD's C 372 integrated ($899); Nordost's Heimdall interconnect ($600/1m pair) and speaker cables ($1500/2m pair); Ultimate Ears' UE-10 headphones ($900).
127 Q for JA:...
by Elk
Mar 3 2007 - 8:30am
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Special Amplification Issue: On the mark with Sutherland's Direct Line Stage preamp; Amps, big and small, from Cary, Portal, Ray Samuels, Rega, Atoll, and mbl. Plus: JA gets serious with the Slim Devices Squeezebox.
83 nad 319
by iain2006
Sep 22 2006 - 6:19pm
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Curvaceous CD Sound from Classe; Sam Tellig listens to the radio; Michael Fremer gives us the bad side of vinyl; Art Dudley insults even more people; and John Marks takes us to the Hook-Foley/Baker organ.
117 FM...
by smejias
Jan 26 2007 - 3:43pm
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"A lovely, sunny thing:" The Musical Fidelity kW DM25. Speakers from Revel, Vandersteen, and Quad; Vinyl playback from Pro-Ject, Einstein, PS Audio, and Clearaudio; Keith Howard shows us how to optimize bass quality; Robert Baird goes crazy for the Flaming Lips.
132 Fantastic Issue
by Mark Seaton
Aug 3 2006 - 10:56am
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Our Special Speaker Issue features new offerings from Audio Physic, Focal, and Snell, while Art Dudley rebuilds an original Quad Electrostatic! We praise an audio classic - the EICO HF-81 - and ring out the return of a legend - the Moscode hybrid.
166 new issue
by Knight717
Dec 18 2006 - 6:50am
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A Music Lover's Speaker: Vienna Acoustics' Concert Grand. Plus: The LP Revival; loudspeakers from Sonus Faber, Dynaudio, Audio Note, and a review of the classic Smaller Advent; a new Stereophile CD; and a beautiful look at the making of an audiophile jazz recording.
75 focus 140
by rmilewsk
May 30 2006 - 11:27pm
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What you've been waiting for: Over 500 top audio components recommended by our writers and editors! Plus: Keith Howard explores "Euphonic Distortion;" Robert Baird chats with Steve Wynn and delves into the Dream Syndicate; the addictive dCS P8i SACD player; amps, amps, and more amps.
152 FOUND IT!!...
by drtat
Oct 30 2007 - 7:09pm
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What?! They put a $600 receiver on the cover? How dare they? And how's about that 2W power amp? What's going on with these guys? If that wasn't enough: Laurence Borden brings us "A Tale of Two Transports;" Speakers from Monitor Audio and DeVore Fidelity; Amps from Chord and Simaudio.
241 monitor...
by tebs
Nov 2 2007 - 6:45pm
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John Atkinson gets down with the deep bass of Genesis' new 5.2 speaker. And that's not all: When the house is burning down, save the albums! We've got our annual collection of "Records to Die For;" John Marks uncovers more about Miles Davis' Kind of Blue; Robert Baird watches in awe as the screen...
102 Music and Cats.
by arogister
May 1 2006 - 10:59am
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The $90,000 Continuum Caliburn turntable system: The World's Best? Plus: Keith Howard's Special Report on Digital Filters; Getting Solo Acoustic with Jackson Browne; 40+ Pages of Equipment Reports...
155 Upgrading...
by Jim Tavegia
Apr 20 2007 - 8:22am
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