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YoYo Ma - Goat Rodeo Sessions

YoYo Ma - Goat Rodeo Sessions


Just heard this on my pub radio station.  Great stuff, check it.


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Yo Yo Ma


Huge fan. If you haven't got this one, you need too. excellent!


Kal Rubinson
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Just got around to playing

Just got around to playing the "Goat Rodeo Sessions" disc.  Won't do it again.


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Won't do it again

Nice to see that some aren't afraid to say what they think.     GO Kal.

michael green
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I like it!

I think it's kinda fun to have a folk meets classical night and this recording fits in nicely. What's interesting is this recording has been recommended to me now by 3 classical composers.

michael green


Allen Fant
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Not a bad disc at all.

Not a bad disc at all.

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