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Yamaha RX-V467 and Yamaha HTR 5660 system hook up

I have the 476 driving my Home theater system and the 5660 connected to power my audio ditstibution setup to 4 rooms.  I have all the volume controls set to 4x and all works great, but just added the 3rd and 4th room with 1 duel voice speaker and the 1st and 2nd are still paired speakers.


My 1st question is, the 5660 is getting quite hot (which i figured powering more speakers).  But really how normal is this?  I have it in a fan cooled ( i installed the fan) entertainment center.

My 2nd question is, how do i hook up the 467 to the 5660 so i can hear EVERYTHING coming from the 467 audio out jack? To hear the TV, I have to hook up the TV sound from the Dish Reciever to the D-TV/CBL.  To hear the radio i have it hooked up to the audio out on the 467 to the CD input.   I then have to switch the 5660 when i want to hear either of each. If i reading the 467 manual right, it won't output analog signal if digital signal is inputed. Correct? If so, i guess i don't have a problem. LOL

Why can't i hear everything fromt the audio out of the 467? 


Thanks in advance.



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1st answer - Depending on what you are using for distribution to your different rooms the impedance may be low which really challenges an amplifier with significantly more thermal output.

2nd answer - I looked at both manuals and I don't have enough details about your system and which input and outputs you are using to comment, sorry.

Good luck!

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Last seen: 3 years 11 months ago
Joined: Mar 2 2012 - 3:05pm
Follow up

Thanks Jackfish.


1. I'm using a 6 channel switch with protection off but my OSD volume controls are set to 4x for 4 pair 8 ohm speakers.

2. Looking harder at the 467 manual on page 6, jacks labeled 9, use these jacks only to output analog input signals.  I use optical input for Dish and DVD signal.  Was just hoping i was missing something or a trick or two to help.

May just be time to invest in better matching Yamaha system for my end use.  

What suggestion would anyone have for a home theater reciever that will push an external amp for 6 addional rooms.  I have 6 HDTV's and would like to eventially used the amp to provide the sound since the TV's sound is not that good.  What type of external amp should i use?


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