Wilson Audio Specialties Alexandria XLF loudspeaker Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Three-way, floorstanding loudspeaker. Drive-units: 1" (25mm) silk-dome tweeter (rear-firing), 1" silk-dome tweeter (front-firing), two 7" (178mm) carbon-fiber/paper-cone midrange units, 13" (330mm) and 15" (381mm) W-sandwich cone woofers. Crossover frequencies: not disclosed. Frequency response (average, in-room): 19.5Hz–33kHz, ±3dB. Sensitivity: 93.5dB/2.83V/m. Nominal impedance: 4 ohms. Minimum amplification: 7Wpc.
Dimensions: 70 1/4" (1784mm) H by 19 13/16" (504mm) W by 27 7/8" (708mm) D. Weight: 655 lbs (297kg).
Finishes: Multiple automotive paint colors, plus custom options.
Serial numbers of units reviewed: 51, 52.
Price: $200,000/pair. Approximate number of dealers: 39.
Manufacturer: Wilson Audio Specialties, 2233 Mountain Vista Lane, Provo, UT 84606. Tel: (801) 377-2233. Fax: (801) 377-2282. Web: www.wilsonaudio.com.

Company Info
Wilson Audio Specialties
2233 Mountain Vista Lane
Provo, UT 84606
(801) 377-2233
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Something To Consider

Perhaps it would be enlightening for some here to consider the genuine economics of this situation.

Mr. Fremer did not pay $200,000 for his XLFs, whatever their cost of construction or subjective worth. In fact, it is very likely that he received a discount considerably greater than Wilson’s 40-45% retail margin.

Considering the dealer cost, it is likely that Mr. Fremer paid less than $100,000 for his pair.

Add a payment plan directly financed by Wilson Audio and a future resale value greater than the accommodation price and the picture of Mr. Fremer’s purchase snaps into focus with remarkable clarity.

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