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Who the heck finds a double broom invention inspiring!!!!

You would really think this is an April fools prank, but nope and shows some of the utter madness we get here in the UK.
Still cannot believe it is being touted as inspirational.....
Boy And His Broom An Inspiration To Invention
A "Double Broom" created by a five-year-old boy is one of the most ingenious inventions of the last decade, according to the British Library:

The Labour party has a serious amount to answer for with their bloody social engineering over the last decade they were in power, argharghagrhgrha

Feel free to be inspired by the double broom!


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Re: Who the heck finds a double broom invention inspiring!!!!

I think I will develope a double moustache from now on

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Is that true? It sounds funny

Is that true? It sounds funny. With the fast-changing technology we have today, more and more inventors are being inspired to show what they've got. Are you a futurist? Do you consider great inventions to be gateways through which our lives can be made better? There's a future forecast of inventions that can alter the globe which have the potential to save money, time and ultimately life makes them something to be valued.