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What record cleaning products do you recommend?

Now that I've got my MMF-5 up and running, I need to update my vinyl hygiene regimen. In the years before CDs became my primary source, I used Discwasher products on my records. I've heard some "smack" talk concerning Discwasher. I got a "microfiber" brush and anti-static cloth where I got the MMF-5 to use until I get something better.

Is something like the Nitty Gritty machine a good investment? Or, is there something "in between" that will work well? What are you guys using? I want to make sure that I'm getting the most out of my vinyl and protecting it as well.

So far, the MMF-5 is nothing if not revealing. Hearing loads of detail heretofore missing. Also hearing lots of surface noise! Not too many clicks, though. I was very careful with my records. Plan on buying many more, and taking the best possible care of them, too. Any tips are most welcome.

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Re: What record cleaning products do you recommend?

You need a vacuum cleaning machine. The best value I know of currently is the Nitty Gritty Record Doctor III. Audio Advisor sells it for $250. No motor to turn the record during cleaning, you do that yourself. Comes with an initial supply of very effective solvent.

After vacuum cleaning, a brush like the Hunt and a good stylus cleaner (I favor the Zerodust) keeps you where you want to be.

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