Westone 4R In-ear Headphone Sweepstakes

Register to win a set of Westone 4R In-ear Headphones (MSRP $599.99) we are giving away.

According to the company:

The Quad-Driver Westone 4R-Series with durable and removable EPIC cable take your listening experience to an entirely different level. Four symmetrically balanced armature drivers engineered into an advanced three-way crossover network deliver breathtaking clarity, realism, and imaging. Left and right earpiece responses are tested by each driver pack and matched to an extraordinarily tight +/- 2dB tolerance, delivering unparalleled balance and accuracy of sound-stage reproduction.

The 4Rs are made for high-performance listening through personal audio devices such as an iPod, media player, computer, game console, and headphone amplifier. 50+ years experience with in-ear applications has yielded a low-profile, lightweight, universal earpiece which delivers maximum comfort and in-ear coupling for dynamic transfer of sound.

4R-Series earphones ship with Westone’s new Monitor Vault. Designed specifically for transporting high-end earphones and manufactured in Colorado of a high-impact polymer, it’s the perfect size for travel and storage. Each Monitor Vault features a protective foam interior and weather resistant design.

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woofersus's picture

I would love a pair for sure

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this is something you dont see every day

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Just great.

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let me win this one.

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thanks :)

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será desta ?

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Thanks for giveaway and good luck ;)

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When the contest will end ? 

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Me likey. I listen to music via headphones all day at work, so these would be a fantastic upgrade to my current pair of iem's.

rollbread's picture

A new IEM for me please!

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Sign me up please.

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Would love to have these to replace my 7yo Shure E5cs!

albuko's picture

My headphones now are crap. I want these pretty badly.

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very nice headphones

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4 Drivers, 3-way crossover, 2 earpieces, 1 lucky winner

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Thank you

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I will gladly accept this offer.

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Chances are slim but maybe ill get super lucky!!

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Come on, admit it, you like my subject line.

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I Really never win anything at stereophile!

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I've heard great things about these in-ears.  I'd like to hear great things from them.

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Wow,I need this,I really need this.

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A victory would be nice!

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Would be awesome to see how they compare to the UM2, K701 and HD25... I have the 1st gen UM2 with the awful cable that eventually breaks internally :/

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Yes, please

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I hope I win the 4R headphones!

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Okay, just really want some new IEM's and these look like some fine ones indeed

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Pick me!!  Pick me!!  Please!

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Here's for getting lucky.

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These would be great!

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Thank you!

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Hoping for a pair of headphones I couldn't otherwise get...

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Just what the doctor ordered!

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would be excellent for in the office

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-oh me ;)

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Odds are slim, but I'd like something to go right once 

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Would be great for work at the office. Never won anything before...

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its time to change my Sennheiser IE8 :) 

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Realism, that's one important property I would love to hear from Westone 4R In-ears.

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I'm going on a trip and these sure would be nice...

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And these would replace them handsomely!

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Perfect for daily commutes!

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Dream of getting this for so long!

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I really need them to compare against my tf10 please understand that.

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...with the headphones to Switzerland!

Thank you :-)

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Nice phones. 

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really hope that i can win this man,love it love it :D
btw rock music forever :)

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Would see some use.

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these would be great for the commute.

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Very nice to have on my travels

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These would be the perfect match to studying!

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I would really like a pair

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I'm in!!!

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I'd love to win those.

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I'd love to hear 'em

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Time to win

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Looks great.

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how they compare to my Shure 535s!

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These would be so sweet to own. Hope i win this #DoubleAwesome audio experience.

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Count me in!

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You could give these to me or not, I don't care, I'm just a comment.

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Thank you.

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Looks good

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These earphones would make my bicycle commutes to work much more pleasant!


peejay's picture

As long as they're not the fall-out-of-my-ears-when-I-look-the-wrong-way kind of earbuds, which are every pair I've ever owned, so far.

Shike's picture

This would definitely help with the long workdays.


Thanks for the sweepstakes!

The huckster's picture

Once you are north of the $250 range, it's almost a sin to possess incredible sounding headphones, because you can't share the listening joy with your friends at the same time...

*Note: the word almost is used above*

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Lots of free ear buds and other cans being given away for free! Yay for stereophile.

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omg omg omg

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Awesome sweepstakes! I always wanted the W4, but couldn't afford it. And you guys are giving away a W4R. Even better!

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Count me in please!

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i need these bad win them would be great

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Thank you for holding another great contest! If you keep this up, maybe every member will be a winner sooner or later :)

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They are simply the best!!!!



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Those sound like nice earbuds!

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these are good IEMs, hope to win them.

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than listening to my favorite music with a new pair of IEMs.

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Thank you.

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Please give me the Wining Sweepstake for my Earphonelicious timez.