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Wavelength Cosecant USB DAC v3 vs Benchmark USB DAC 1

Now that both the Wavelength Cosecant USB DAC v3 (now with ASYNC mode) and the Benchmark USB DAC 1 and DAC 1-PRE support 24-bit audio at sample rates up to 96 kHz without the installation of any drivers or other special software. I am having a hard time choosing between them. My primary headphones are the Ultrasone UE 9 and the Grado GS 1000. Has anyone out there heard both side to side at any of the meets??? Are there specific advantages of one over the other?

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Re: Wavelength Cosecant USB DAC v3 vs Benchmark USB DAC 1

I haven't heard either piece but am also interested in the answer. This is a question that is probably better asked over at head-fi. Lots of folks over there have multiple rigs and they also hold regular 'can jams' where folks can listen and compare.

Good luck!

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