VPI HW 16.5 Record Cleaning Machine from Soundstage Direct Sweepstakes

Register to win a VPI HW 16.5 Record Cleaning Machine from Soundstage Direct (MSRP $649.99) we are giving away.

According to the company:

The HW-16.5 is the standard in affordable record cleaning machines but neither its build quality nor its cleaning power has been compromised. Its high-torque, 18 RPM turntable motor is more than capable of withstanding the pressure of heavy scrubbing during extended cleaning sessions, and its 35-second cleaning cycle per side makes quick work of even the dirtiest records. Now with self aligning vacuum suction tubes for even more accurate cleaning, the HW-16.5's high-powered vacuum ensures quick, deep cleaning.

The newly designed vacuum pickup tube automatically adjusts to accommodate records of any thickness. The internal fluid collection system is made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion, and the fully enclosed design prevents splashing. In the VPI tradition, all components are extra heavy-duty and professional grade.

"I have found the HW-16.5 to be an outstanding performer. The record surfaces are microscopically clean and are so pristine they look new!" -- Bert Whyte, Audio Magazine


Clean your records with the HW-16.5 and hear what you've been missing. Includes:
Built in dust cover 8oz bottle of VPI cleaning fluid & cleaning brush

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Rberretta's picture

First pressings rule but they're no fun without the 16.5!

Dinosaur Thirteen's picture

I have enough old vinyl to seriously test the durability of this unit (based on past experiences with VPI, it will make the grade and then some!).

natecsd's picture

And thanks!

wuqb16's picture

Hope I win

realdiel's picture

Count me in.

gundam91's picture

Just pick ME!

Fallsy's picture

Mmmmmmm, clean vinyl!

brad37716's picture

How Sweeeeeet!

 This would be nice.

Zerstorte Zelle's picture

Sounds like a deal

Blazim's picture

     My vinyl collection Needs a thorough VPI cleaning

TheVinylBuck's picture

That would be a wonderful addition to my hobby!

Summerisle's picture

Send it my way!

Alan150th's picture

I still have a lot of vinyl so this would be great to win.

mdemacedo's picture

I could really use this - I've been waiting to clean my fathers old collection!

JoeE SP9's picture

Put my name into contention please.

eorr23's picture

you are too kind for giving me this for free

kensargent's picture

I still haven't won a thing and now would be the perfect time to change that.


adwit19's picture


harri009's picture


6dogvegan's picture

My Goodwill LPs need a bath.

Tyshaas's picture

Good luck to everyone

Tristanmag's picture


audiojohn's picture

What a perfect compliment to my new cartridge!

Stereo Bob's picture

The best way to get the most out of your records.

pigsonthewing's picture


Six_el_six's picture

....at least someone will be! 

mrpink44's picture

This would be a dream for any vinyl lover!

Chunkster's picture

So many old records to clean!

jblackhall's picture

I'll take one!

Oldsport's picture

This is the 4th time I've tried to enter; must be doing something wrong...  Disregard other tries.  Would be great to win.  Thanks.


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