A Very Special Hi-Fi

I won’t be in the office tomorrow. I’ll be down in Hunterdon County, NJ, helping a very good friend set up a very special hi-fi system. This is big—BIG—news, but I can’t say anything else about it yet.

Speculate amongst yourselves.

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Melo man's picture

Edgar Y. Choueiri?

That's my guess.

Anton's picture
Fanmail from some flounder?

That clip has gotten alot of play on the internet this week.

I will do some web epidemiology.

BIG news, eh?

Does it involve bamboo and Mighty Joe Young?


System92's picture
I used to watch them when I

I used to watch them when I was young, although they were probably before my time even.  Too bad the good shows have to leave and get replaced with today's mediocre entertainment. 

Markus Sauer's picture
Enough suspense

Spill the beans!

nunhgrader's picture
Blind test

Blind test of some kind (I hope not) - lol!


How about a Sam Tellig and Art Dudley system with a Mikey system and a JA system...okay I am running my head.


I hope tubes are involved :)

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