Van den Hul The Valley Interconnect Cable Sweepstakes

Register to win a pair of Van den Hul The Valley Interconnect Cables (MSRP $395) we are giving away.

These cables are distributed in North America by Bluebird Music and according to Van den Hul, The Valley interconnect cables are a twisted pair balanced cable with two 21 strand conductors and a double braided shield.

Van den Hul's new True Transmission Technology cables, known as 3T for short, "present an entirely new paradigm to the cable world offering breakthrough performance at very reasonable prices. The 3T wires are comprised of a fusion of five metals and one non-metal resulting in an amorphous alloy free from crystal boundaries. In fact, because the 3T wire is completely crystal free it is the purest wire possible. 3T wire completely eliminates signal bounce, or reflections, within the wire."

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[This sweepstakes is now closed.]

Cl8baller's picture

Trying build my first system I'm sure I can fit this somewhere.

Dr. Spivey's picture

Nice cables, I'd love to win them.

Malcolm02's picture

I can make use of them

sharksfan's picture

Thanks for offering up the cables

exiler's picture

Nice way to start building the whole new system.

downunderman's picture


I have been happily running a pair of the Van den Hul D102 MK 3 Hybrids for more than 10 years and coincidently I have been looking around for an upgrade.

When I got them delivered to the office I was the cause of much merriment and good natured ribbing from co-workers and even one of our couriers.

Even years later the courier would mention, with much good natured ribbing, my (in his eyes) foolishness at paying so much for the Van den Huls.....even if they were gold.

The idea that I would pay circa $150 AUD for a couple of bits of wire was just too much for them - they thought I was mad.  Of course they may well have been right, just not for the reasons they thought.

These days a figure like that is the height of protestant rectitude!

......would prefer XLR terminations though




nile49's picture

The design sounds interesting, now let me have em!

vozhyk87's picture


jdjaye's picture

Hope I win!

thomasrhee's picture

I can always use another pair of cables...

- "Cable Junkie"

mike the electrician's picture

After spending so mutch on  long grain coppers and single crystal ono cast coppers and silvers it would make an interesting comparison to a conductor without boundaries.

deckeda's picture

as long as it's not profane or spam


Oh, you meant this post. (Whew!)

music or sound's picture

I found a little interview on an Australian website with Siltech/Crystal Cable and they proclaimed that their next technolgy for conductors will be amorphous metal because it surpasses anything else. I guess they are only coppying another Dutch cable company.

sophilobro's picture

May fate grant me the luck to win these cables.

jacobg12's picture

Woo! This would be fantastic, I can only afford to use basic cabes at the moment. 

Staxguy's picture

"Van den Hul The Valley Interconnect Cable Sweepstakes". :)


ddharman's picture

I could really use them for my super system!!

mdanderson's picture

Very nice. I could use an excellent cable like that.

phoenyx's picture

Well, hello there.

himynameisjuan's picture

man, I'd love a nice pair of interconnects for the system I'm gradually building over the course of this year.

good luck to all.

StCugat's picture

Always liked the philiosphy of VDH so count me in.

BOIKANYO's picture

I'd like a pair too

zhang7926's picture

It's worth a try :)

srilitz's picture

Would love to receive a set of these. Thanks!

g0ldeng0pher's picture

colored cables. 

ahmet's picture

Would be great to have a pair of these to upgrade my system to the next level !

otaku's picture

Probably worth more than the rest of my system put together.

Serge Belyanin's picture

Well, let's try...

Bixby's picture

And thank you.

Markus Sauer's picture

Count me in, then.

TheAudiophile's picture

Oh yeah, gimme one, plz !!! Loved "The First", some years ago....



Lofty's picture

You can never have enough interconnects!

neogeo's picture

The cables look great. Hope i win.

KeithyD's picture

For anyone who contests the merits of premium cables please send us pictures of your zip cord............just what I don't really use the cheap stuff and it really is different!'s picture

Please register me.


Drager's picture

Great giveaway. I'm in.

spyder1's picture

Van den Hul Cables would make a great improvement in my stereo system!

blankdisc's picture

Yes, please

surfplank's picture

Hook me up, my wife said I'm already over budget on gear :)

jrichar's picture

Way to go Van den Hul

dmormerod's picture

perfect with my new Rega Brio-R & DAC :-)



mcloutier's picture

nice cables at reasonable price

Zeigler22's picture

Yes please...

Zeigler22's picture

Yes please...

jonh's picture

love to unwrap these and plug them in.

sgibson389's picture

These would be nice to have for my own A/B comparison.

lawn_wrangler's picture

I'll throw my name in the hat.

drew8mc's picture

Free is for me

WillWeber's picture

would keep me from tripping over them

JoeE SP9's picture

Sign me up! If Iwin I promise to be gentle to my winnings!


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