Van den Hul The Valley Interconnect Cable Sweepstakes

Register to win a pair of Van den Hul The Valley Interconnect Cables (MSRP $395) we are giving away.

These cables are distributed in North America by Bluebird Music and according to Van den Hul, The Valley interconnect cables are a twisted pair balanced cable with two 21 strand conductors and a double braided shield.

Van den Hul's new True Transmission Technology cables, known as 3T for short, "present an entirely new paradigm to the cable world offering breakthrough performance at very reasonable prices. The 3T wires are comprised of a fusion of five metals and one non-metal resulting in an amorphous alloy free from crystal boundaries. In fact, because the 3T wire is completely crystal free it is the purest wire possible. 3T wire completely eliminates signal bounce, or reflections, within the wire."

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[This sweepstakes is now closed.]

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smichalove's picture
how do they sound?

Do you miss the crystals?

pjnad's picture
Van Den Hul

I would love to give them a listen!!!

dawgkeeper57's picture
crazy world of wire

Would love to try a better set of interconnects for my TT.

zmrs13's picture
VDH Wire

Always interested in new cable

Bigjimsguitars's picture
I'm worthy!

I would use them daily and would be a better person as well!




ramond's picture
Van den Hul The Valley Interconnect Cable Sweepstakes

Van den Hul The Valley Interconnect Cable.

 Van den Hul makes some of the best cables on the market today. These look awsome, if these sound as good as they look.............HOMERUN !!!!!

 I would love to have a pair of these fine cables.   Pick me.

enoguy's picture

oh boy new ones

silentdoug's picture

I don't like fusion music but I might like fusion cables.

rocketmotor's picture
I miss Gordon Holt

Gordon Holt Rules!

timian's picture
Count me in.

These sound interesting.  Enter me as well, please.

the1sweetie's picture
Van den Hul The Valley Interconnect Cable Sweepstakes

Cool sweepstakes.

In the off chance that someone is going to actually *READ* all these comments, can I make a request?  Can you guys *PLEASE* to something with your ad server(s)?  There are so many different widgets coming from so many different providers on every page load that I find it really, Really, REALLY annoying to try an navigate the site. From what I see with Ghostery® there are about 20 different 3rd parties pushing content (ads and trackers) onto every page I load.  It bogs down so much timetimes that I just shut down the damn window and go visit or something.

Thank you,
Ray Garrison

chestert2's picture
Van den Hul The Valley Interconnect Cables

Yes I would like to enter to win a pair of these interconnects.

thestewman's picture
Van den hul cables

I would love to have a chance to try them

Narada's picture
All is this very One

Carpe noctem.

mwsteel's picture
VDH Interconnect! Must have!

VDH Interconnect! Must have!  smiley

bflatjeff's picture
could stand to upgrade

Haven't upgraded in a bit, and I'm sure my new component could use a better connection. Hope I'm lucky!

rasbobby's picture
I sure would love a pair!

I could definitely use these to complete my system!

matterrr's picture
Just give up

The cables are mine

Pix4work's picture
Passion for wire!

I have really loved my Van den Hul D102 Mk. II cables for years. I have rearranged my system and would like to hear what new technology cables can sound like with solid state & tube gear. Being able to plug in a new pair of Van den Hul's would rock my world!

efib's picture
Balanced ?

great !

Hackensack's picture
The Valley

Would love to hear these; it may be time for an upgrade!

Braynard Adkins's picture
$.99 Store Interconnects!?

I'm currrently using $.99 Store 'OFC' ICs!?  Please rig this contest for me!

TheKnightLife's picture

I wanna win!

MrGumby's picture
need...okay, want!

I wonder if a poor gimp has a chance of winning these to sweeten his aged Adcom 565 pre going into his Adcom 565 monoblocks going into his Sequerras?

I sure could use them!

jherrera's picture
To possibly win

Would love to hear how these sound.

persuader67now's picture
Yellow Vans for me!

Hi Jon, They have my name on them! Thanks.

edvdploeg's picture
Hul forever

I'm Dutch he's Dutch, so what's the problem.........wink

Ironmanshak's picture


alvinlim's picture
Sign me up

sign me up!!!

Dufre's picture
Let them come!

I'm pleased to upgrade my vdH interlinks with thes ones!!!

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