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Unique Acoustics - Antique

Hi everyone!

I was looking on another forum and found out web site Unique Acoustics.

I was very much interested with their loudspeakers - Antique.

Has anyone heard the Unique Acoustics speaker? I wish to buy them but befor purchase I shall be grateful for any advice and comments.

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I think I would spend my $11,254.13 differently.

Looks like they might sound good with tube gear though. I would not buy them based on anyone's advice and comments. I'd have to listen to them first before shelling out over $11,000.

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Last seen: 3 years 6 months ago
Joined: Jul 25 2012 - 12:32am
Many thanks for the answer. I

Many thanks for the answer. I agree with you. But characteristics and the description on official  web site look very in a conclusive way and truthfully. I understand, that all over again it is necessary to listen. Me has involved many necessary and proper information. Today this such unusual occurrence. Really and original Onken, handcrafted and personal approach me also have impressed. And loudspeakers look is simply more gorgeos!

JoeE SP9
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The quickest easiest way to get speakers you are not happy with is to buy them on their looks. Sure they look good. The may sound like bovine feces. Only an audition can let you know.

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I'd AT LEAST find someone

I'd AT LEAST find someone credible that has completed a succesful transaction with that company before I sent them $11k+ over the interwebs... that much melifluous langauge, even from established companies, always makes me nervous (especially with no 3rd-party corroboration of any kind, such as magazine or website reviews or owners detailing their personal experience with this company and their product).

And it is interesting that you haven't posted on the one forum, in the one thread on the Internet (that I could find) posted by "Unique Acoustics Co." (even after being directed to that particular forum on another audio forum), but you seem to have posted asking about these speakers in a variety of other audio forums... I'd get over there and request a pair for audition, they must have some demo units available for media, review sites and serious buyers.

That being said, these are very nice looking speakers, but the doric columns as stands are a bit tired (and ostentatous) in my opinion.

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