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Unico and Dynaudio

Hello to everyone ! I'm using a Unico Integrated Amplifier (rated at 80W/channel) and currently looking for speakers. Although I have not fully listened to Dynaudio 42 (86 db , 150W at 4 ohms) with my Unico, will the Unico be able to drive the Dynaudio Audience 42 ? Does anyone have an insight if the two components will match well ? Thanks for all your replies.

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Re: Unico and Dynaudio

80 W...come on.....those appear to be super INEFFICIENT speakers, 80W ain't gonna work, matta' o' fact 80W is never gonna do any good, if you want sound with any kind of realism, impact, SLAM, dynamics....WATTS baby, and lotsa WATTS avaialbe for when it's needed. Unless you enjoy compressed, dull, lifeless sound. Bad combo, bad choice time to change your amp..

JoeE SP9
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Re: Unico and Dynaudio

How much power you need depends on many things. Room size and furnishings and the volume you wish to hear your music are some of the variables involved. For some 80Watts may be enough. For others it may not be enough. The best advice is to try the combination. If it doesn't work for you then a change may be in order.

Jan Vigne
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Re: Unico and Dynaudio

Watts are seldom the answer despite the response from our over enthusiastic compadre. Power supply is far more important and the Unico should provide sufficient current for the Dynaudios. However, look at the impedance curve and the electrical phase angle of the Dynaudio speaker you are considering. I don't have the measurements at hand, but I believe you'll find the speakers have a difficult to drive load for many amplifiers. If this is the case, you would have to try the speakers with your amplifier to determine whether the sound was up to your requirements. While you probably have enough watts to drive the 42's to reasonable levels, you might not be as happy with the overall sound quality. Personally, I find the 42's to be a bit too forward for many amplifiers with tube front ends. The personalities don't always match well. But the only real solution is to try the pairing and decide if you like what you hear.

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Re: Unico and Dynaudio

Hi Kokoy. I don't think you will have any problems at all driving the Dynaudios with your Unico. Dynaudio recommends 65 watts in medium size rooms with this speaker.

Whether or not the pairing will meet your expectations would depend on your personal preferences. I like Dynaudio speakers a lot and have driven the 52SE speakers with a smaller amplifier without any problems. The Dynaudios have relatively benign phase angles and are an amp friendly 4 ohms.

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Re: Unico and Dynaudio

Where did you find dynaudio's recommendation? I haven't been able to find any recommendations from them.

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