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Turntable Hum Tried Everything

Just got the pro-ject debut carbon.  I have a bad hum.  Its not motor hum, it hums even when the turntable is unplugged.  I have grounded to the amp(Denon AVR-2802).  Have tried plugging amp and table into same outlet.  The only way I can change the amount of hum is if I touch the back side of the cartridge.  That makes it 3 times as loud.  My last turntable didnt do this.  Any advice before I return this unit? 


Thanks for the help!

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I had this problem with a Music Hall turntable.

The problem, in my case, was that I had a cartridge with a shell that was ungrounded (a Grado), and this arm design did not provide a mechanical ground contact.

I suggest that you call Music Direct and talk to one of their turntable specialists, who can advise you on which cartridges will work with your turntable and which will not.

Most cartridges do not have this problem, but most Grados and some others have this problem, which limits which turntables they can be used with.

If the cartridge was supplied with the turntable, it really should be a compatible one, so talk to the customer support people where you bought it. It could be that this one cartridge is defective.

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I use a Grado and after years of living with it I decided to play around and added 2 layers of aluminum foil under the mat.  Hum went away.  You may also try wrapping your motor (if possible) with a layer of Mumetal.  

Play cheap - you'll find a solution.

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Just for followup if anyone

Just for followup if anyone has this issue later.  The cartridge is the one that came on it, the Ortofon om2 red.  I emailed Pro-Ject and they think I may have a bad ground in the table itself.  Getting an exchange when they come in stock where I ordered it.  Thanks!

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