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Turntable best system?

Any thoughts on the best vibration isolation system for your turntable rig?

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Re: Turntable best system?

Here's one to lust for, Halcyonics MOD-1M:

Scott Wheeler
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Re: Turntable best system?

Looks interesting. I put together a passive system using Aurios MIB 1.0 isolation bearings underneath two one inch slabs of clear acrylic sandwiching home brewed silicone elastomer pucks with a shore hardness between 1 and 0. Cost me about 300 bucks in total. I would love to compare my solution with the halcyonics solution.

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Turntable isolation

It depends upon the turntable. Most people find that if they can use a wall shelf, it offers better isolation than any combination of floor mounted bases. On a concrete slab, you can generally just use a well coupled, high mass system, but with a wooden floor it gets difficult as the target is moving, literally. Some tables will sound nice with a "sandbox" type base that traps energy and others sound best on light and stiff platforms.

carl valle
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Re: Turntable isolation

i have a 3cm thick 24x24 inch granite slab sitting on top of four gel filled wrist pads for computer mouse. On top of that sitting on four Audio technica feet is a Pioneer PL-L1000. The slab is on a teak wall unit mounted on the wall and screwed to the floor. I also record my vinyl to DAT tape so i never play my speakers when the turntable is actually in use. i have not figured a way to isolate the accoustic energy of the speakers from the record surface even though i do use a custom clamp and mat. When i listen to lp directly it is either through phones or at pretty low levels or casually.

carl valle
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Re: Turntable isolation

here is picture of the beast - This is the turntable that JA mentioned in Nov 2003 issue pg 117 -

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Re: Turntable isolation

"...four gel filled wrist pads for computer mouse..."

That's genius!

Great idea!

I have a buddy who made a constrained layer platform using two marble cutting boards (about 40 pounds each) and sandwiching a layer of sorbothane in between.

I love ideas like yours and his.

Thanks for posting that!

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Re: Turntable isolation

The marble slabs with a thin layer of sorbothane between is also resting on 4 large sorbothane feet. This all on a Billy Bags shelf. Way back when I lived in Reseda CA, our house endured an aftershock from the Northridge earthquake. I happened to be playing a tune on my turntable and the record did not skip a beat, despite the rumble...mass rules!

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Re: Turntable best system?

My 'table is a high mass design (Teres) with a 3" thick acrylic plinth resting on Mapleshade large brass cones which sit on a 1 1/2" thick maple shelf which in turn sits on a DIY rack (veneered MDF). The rack is against a foundation wall. As the previous poster said, mass rules. At least in this case it works very nicely.

I previously had an old Thorens which seemed to fare best with some type of soft isolation. Herbies "Combat Boots" worked very well under it.


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turntable Isolation

I have a Gingko Cloud 9 under my VPI Scout that I like very much..

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Best would depend on the

Best would depend on the 'table of course. Some already have a built in suspension.

Anyhow, I made one a few years ago based on an ultra dense rosewood plinth that sit on some 3/4" ball bearings, which sits in custom made cups on the shelf below. I made the whole cabinet/rack system actually, but this was a later addition. 

Works well, but still cannot defeat a kid jumping on the floor in front of it. That was taken care of by teaching said future audiophile to take the jumping elsewhere and tread lightly in the music room.

It's in the DIY Gallery:

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Some of you must have seen

... the picture on the Internet of one guy's solution: brick and mortar platformed column coming from basement, up through a hole in the floor ... dance all you want upstairs and it wouldn't matter!

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Mine sits on a 75lb Jung Sung amp

Not that it's great but it is surely not going anywhere.  I intend to put it on a suspended layer system with spikes of granite and sorbothane, but that is once I get my Rega or VPI table after I retire the Pro-ject.  But that will have to wait until I get my new Cirrus from Vapor Audio.

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