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Time to change your TT.

This one looks like it should sound better than the now obsolete Continuum? This one is clear the sound must be cleaner. More open, more see through. ie. see through to the studio,,I can use creative writing to make up stuff too. But Lucite is so 70's retro. Let's get a review going, ClearAudio versus Continuum.

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Re: Time to change your TT.

You should do the review, Carl, and post it here. It'll give us all a chance to appreciate those creative writing skills you say you can use so well.

Lamont Sanford
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Re: Time to change your TT.

Did I read that price right? $100,000? I guess if they sell one unit? I'm afraid something that costs that much will eventually tear up your LPs. It looks like a freakin' robot! "Hal, open the pod bay doors please". "I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave".

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