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Paul Arwas
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Speakers for amazing Shangling MC-30

I have just listened to the Shanling MC-30 (CD/tuner/valve amp with 3W output). It sounds amazing but I wanted some ideas about wghich speaker to partner it with. I heard it through some old B&W MAtrix 805 (which I have been ofered) , which was great but I am not sure how relaible old B&W speaker are? Any other ideas? My budget is about $800

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Re: Speakers for amazing Shangling MC-30

I recommend hearing it with the Paradigm Monitor 9 ($950) and/or Monitor 7 ($680). The Monitor Series is a great range of speakers that offers excellent sound for your dollar. Judging by your purchase of an all-in-one, you seem to appreciate components that don't take up too much space, and the Monitor 7 especially is very compact for a floorstanding speaker. I own a pair of 7se's (grandfather of the Monitor 7), and I was very surprised when I was at my dealer recently and saw the 7's in person for the first time; They really are diminutive. Good things come in small packages.

Now, here's the best part: The 7 and the 9 are rated at 94 and 96 dB efficiency, respectively. Your 3W amplifier shouldn't have much trouble diving either of them.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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Re: Speakers for amazing Shangling MC-30

Give Epos a try while your at it. Great speakers with good sensitivity for low power.

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Re: Speakers for amazing Shangling MC-30

That thing looks cool, but at 3 watts you really need sensitive speakers to get any volume out of it. Used as an office system with some single driver speakers that are 94 db or so, I bet it would be smack dab in its intended environment.

B&W speakers are well respected as far as brand name goes.